Real memorial obituaries – Combe Down, Monkton Combe, Midford

In memoriam et celebrationem

In memorial and celebration

This is the obituaries section for people who have made a contribution to the area – Combe Down, Monkton Combe, Midford

It’s a form of recognition and hopefully will shed some light on interesting aspects of the people of Combe Down.

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- 24/01/2024

01/01/1950 - 24/01/2024

An obituary from Rob’s lifelong friend press photographer and author Geoff Ellis, to fill in the details of Rob’s life and thank him so much for the following: “Sad news this morning, Friday 26 ...

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- 03/12/2023

09/10/1931 - 03/12/2023

From The Guardian 15/3/2023 The writer Isabel Colegate, who has died aged 91, had her greatest success with The Shooting Party, published as a novel in 1980 and adapted into a film four years later. L...

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- 29/11/2023

23/07/1926 - 29/11/2023

This week we received the sad news that long retired UK crane rental veteran and, more recently, crane industry historian, Frank Sumsion, has died. He passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early...

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- 15/05/2023

01/11/1934 - 15/05/2023

Glenys Green (nee Wynne) passed away peacefully in her sleep after a short illness, on Monday 15th May 2023, aged 89 years old. She is survived by two of her children, Michael and Nigel, and 7 grandc...

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- 25/07/2009

17/06/1898 - 25/07/2009

PRIVATE HARRY PATCH Private Harry Patch (who died on July 25 2009, aged 111) is considered the last surviving British soldier to have gone into action on the Western Front, an experience about which h...

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- 24/01/2006

25/01/1939 - 24/01/2006

Anne Turner's final trip to continental Europe was one she resented having to make. She loved traveling to Europe, often for the opera. But having decided to kill herself, she felt frustrated at the n...

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- 20/06/2003

30/12/1919 - 20/06/2003

From The Guardian, Mon 25 Aug 2003 Peter Wright, who has died aged 83, was a versatile and original ceramic artist. He never regarded himself as a potter as such; clay enabled him to move beyond the m...

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- 25/09/2002

30/04/1930 - 25/09/2002

John ("Jack") Ferens Turner Former general practitioner Bath (b 1930; q St Thomas’s Hospital, London, 1962), d from multiple system atrophy on 25 September 2002. Jack came to medicine late. He had...

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- 18/12/1990

10/01/1896 - 18/12/1990

COMBE DOWN'S LOSS. Death of Mr. W. F. Rice. Combe Down has been thrown into sorrow by the untimely death of Mr. William Frederick Rice, chemist, Byfield House. Mr. Rice was greatly esteemed and, ma...

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- 08/06/1985

11/05/1894 - 08/06/1985

COMBE DOWN RESIDENT Death of Mr. Alphonso W. Thackway A former Bath business man, Mr. Alphonso William Thackway, of Green Mount, Combe Down, Bath, died on Saturday, aged 87. Mr. Thackway was formerly...

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- 05/11/1975

30/06/1945 - 05/11/1975

Rugby player Mike Hannell dies at 29 Bristol Rugby player Mike Hannell (29) died yesterday of cancer at his home in Shaft Road, Monkton Combe near Bath. Mike, head of the modern languages department ...

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- 19/10/1970

27/12/1895 - 19/10/1970

Cross Manufacturing (1938) Limited is sad to announce the death of its Chairman, Rodney Cross, who died peacefully at home on Sunday 31st December 2023 surrounded by his family. A born engineer, Rodn...

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Passed 05/11/1961

Passed 05/11/1961

(29 December 1889 - 5 November 1961) From The Times, November 7, 1961 FOUNDER OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES The Rev. Percy Ewart Warrington, vicar of Monkton Combe, near Bath, and founder of a number of pub...

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- 05/02/1957

04/06/1855 - 05/02/1957

Ex-champion runner dies, aged 102 MR. R. Henry Arthur Whatley, of Midford Castle, Bath, who won the Amateur Athletic Association's half-mile championship in 1878, has died at died at the age of 102. ...

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- 18/03/1950

01/01/1861 - 18/03/1950

COMBE DOWN WILL Mr. George Tyrrell Youde, of 5. Brunswick Place, Combe Down, Bath, formerly of CavendishStreet, Ulverston, who died on March 18, left £6,754 11s. gross, £6,720 138. 6d. net value. P...

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- 18/01/1950

01/01/1900 - 18/01/1950

FORMER BATH BUILDER Death of Mr. D. T. G. Coleman The managing-director of a building firm, Mr. Douglas T. G. Coleman, formerly of Amberley, Horsecombe Brow, Combe Down. Bath, died on January 18 after...

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- 07/01/1950

01/01/1871 - 07/01/1950

MR. H. A. CAWOOD DIES AT BATH FAMILIAR COMBE DOWN FIGURE The death is recorded at St. Martin's Hospital, Bath, of Mr. Harry Avant Cawood in his 80th year. With his faithful companion-a white Sealyham...

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- 21/12/1949

27/05/1868 - 21/12/1949

AS PROMINENT RESIDENT OF COMBE DOWN DEATH OF MR ROBERT DANIELS The death has occurred at his home, 8, The Firs, Combe Down. of Mr. Robert Daniels, a former member of Monkton Combe Parish Council and t...

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- 03/11/1949

05/12/1881 - 03/11/1949

WAR SERVICE FRANCE Death of W. J. Porter of Combe Down The death took place on March 11 at his home, 4, Greendown Place, Combe Down. Bath, of Mr. W. J. ("Nobby") Porter, after a prolonged illness. ...

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- 23/02/1948

20/09/1861 - 23/02/1948

COMBE DOWN DEATH Mrs. A. Bampfylde Dies 12 Days After Husband Only 12 days after the death of her husband. Mr. Alfred Bampfylde, Mrs. Agnes Catherine Bampfylde died on Monday morning at her home, 1. G...

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- 01/07/1947

17/05/1875 - 01/07/1947

BATH ANTIQUE EXPERT SUDDEN DEATH OF MR. J. F. MALLETT TAKEN ILL IN BUSOne of Britain's leading authourities on antiques, Mr. John Francis Mallett, of "Longwood," Combe Down, Bath, died suddenly on Tue...

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- 25/05/1947

04/01/1889 - 25/05/1947

FLOCK MILLS DIRECTOR Death of Mr. C. Freeman, of Monkton Combe Mr. Charles Henry Freeman, of the Manor House, Monkton Combe, Bath, who died suddenly, on Sun- day, aged 58 was the senior partner in the...

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- 03/01/1947

01/01/1866 - 03/01/1947

COMBE DOWN RESIDENT Death of the Rev. W. H. Lillie The Rev. W. H. Lillie, who lived after his retirement at Greendown House, Combe Down, mBath, died on Saturday, after a very brief illness aged 81. M...

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- 10/10/1946

01/01/1878 - 10/10/1946

Death of Combe Down Resident Her many friends on Combe Down, where she has resided for 42 years, will regret to hear ofthe death, on Thursday, of Mrs. Emily Axe, wife of Mr. Gilbert Frank Axe, of 10, ...

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- 11/09/1946

03/10/1873 - 11/09/1946

COMBE DOWN DEATH Mr J. G. Doel, Formerly of Monkton Farleigh Mr. John Gerrish Doel, of 1, Southstoke Road, Combe Down, Bath, died at his home on Saturday at the age of 72 years. Mr. Doel was born on ...

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- 25/08/1946

01/01/1854 - 25/08/1946

COMBE DOWN WILL Major Herapath's £14,346 Estate Major Edwin Loud Herapath, retired. J. P. , of Crossways Lodge, Combe Down, who died onAugust 25 last, aged 92, left £14,346 4s. 11d. gross, with net ...

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- 11/10/1945

18/04/1918 - 11/10/1945

KILLED 3 WEEKS BEFORE DEMOB. Monkton Soldier Who Served Through War Due to be demobilised in three weeks' time, after serving in the Army from the beginning of the war Driver Edward George Mundy, R. ...

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- 06/08/1945

01/01/1861 - 06/08/1945

Combe Down Will Miss Ella Agnes Dalzell, of 1. Raymond Road, Wimbledon, formerly of "Lonsdale," CombeDown, Bath, who died on June 8 last, left £7,721 11s. 1d. gross, with net personalty £6,582 3s. 1...

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- 14/07/1945

28/11/1869 - 14/07/1945

COMBE DOWN WILL Remainder of £16,654 Estate to Oxford Group Miss Florence Hacker, of Hope Cote Hotel Combe Down, Bath, formerly of Southlands, Harrow-on-the-Hill, who died on July 14th last, left £1...

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- 23/12/1944

01/01/1871 - 23/12/1944

DEATH OF MR. HARRY CROSS Bath Decorator Survives Wife Two Months Eldest son of the late Mr. Harry Cross, sen. , the well-known decorative artist, whose work won him wide renown. Mr. Harry Cross, of...

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- 22/04/1944

10/01/1873 - 22/04/1944

CRAFTSMAN OF THE OLD SCHOOL Mr. J. Williams, Combe Down By the death of Mr. John Williams on April 20th at his home, Sewell Cottage, Williamstowe, Combe Down loses a familiar figure, and the Bath Ca...

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- 21/01/1944

04/09/1848 - 21/01/1944

BIRD STARVER'S" DEATH AT 95 Well-known Resident of Combe Down A well-known Combe Down resident, Mr. William Fisher, of 1, Stonehouse Terrace, died onJan. 21st in a Frome hospital at the age of 95. Mr...

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- 08/08/1943

03/01/1917 - 08/08/1943

FORMER BATH CAFE PROPRIETOR Mrs. Ivy White, who now re sides at 7, Green Cottages, Tyning Road, Combe Down, Bath, ha had the sad news that he husband, Private Thomas Reginald White, has been killed in...

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- 06/03/1943

01/01/1914 - 06/03/1943

117 Squadron's Lockheed Hudson VI (#FK386) aircraft [of #1 OADU], with an aircrew of three and with seven passengers on board, went missing while in transit from England to Gibraltar. It is believed t...

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- 12/01/1943

12/03/1876 - 12/01/1943

SCHOOL WAGON AS HEARSE FUNERAL OF MR. MARTIN GURNEY The funeral of Mr. Martin Septimus Gurney. of Woodwards, Monkton Combe, took place onDec. 3 at Monkton Combe. The coffin, having been placed (by th...

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- 04/01/1943

24/04/1873 - 04/01/1943

DEATH OF MR. W. B. PEARCE Gardener Combe Down for 40 Years The funeral took place at Monkton Combe Churchyard on Thursday of Mr. William B. Pearce, of 5. Brunswick Place, Combe Down, who died on Mon...

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- 27/12/1942

07/01/1855 - 27/12/1942

DEATH OF BATH FARMER'S WIDOW Mrs. A. G. Brown, of Glasshouse Mrs. Emma Jacobs widow of Mr. Ashton Brown,n Graham Brown, died on Sunday at Glasshouse Farm, Bath, where she had lived for 55 years The l...

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- 21/07/1942

05/11/1859 - 21/07/1942

COLOUR-SERGEANT DEAD Drilled Bath Citizen Soldiers in Last War A veteran of the Somerset Light Infantry, widely-known locally, died on Tuesday, at the age of 83, in the person of Colour-Sergt. John ...

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- 09/06/1942

01/01/1886 - 09/06/1942

WELL-KNOWN BATH HOTELIER PASSING OF MR. B. K. FURZE Widely-known in Bath as a hotel and restaurant proprietor, and as one who had been closelyassociated with Manvers Hall, which was damaged in the rai...

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- 25/04/1942

01/01/1887 - 25/04/1942

BATH HOSPITAL SCHEME PIONEER DEATH OF MR. FRANK PINE A pioneer of the Bath Region Hospital Contributory Scheme, and a well-known figure in the business life of the city, Mr. Frank Harold Pine passed a...

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- 01/03/1942

06/04/1910 - 01/03/1942

MONKTON COMBE MAN'S DEATH Black-out Collision Has Fatal Result Mr. Francis Edward Coombs, cabinet-maker, of 12, The Croft, Monkton Combe, who was badly injured in an accident in the black-out early on...

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- 07/11/1941

30/03/1887 - 07/11/1941

DEATH OF MRS. GEORGE SPEAR Well-known Bath Family Bereaved Members of a well-known Bath family have suffered bereavement by the death, which a occurred on July 11, after an illness of some two months'...

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- 01/11/1941

14/09/1864 - 01/11/1941

HEADMASTER FOR THIRTY YEARS DEATH OF MR. EDWARD EASTERFIELD Old Monktonians throughout the world will learn with very sincere regret of the death of Mr. Edward Easterfield, M. A. , who was the much- l...

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- 21/03/1941

10/01/1868 - 21/03/1941

COMBE DOWN RESIDENT Funeral of Mrs R. Daniels at Monkton Combe The funeral of Mrs. Robert Daniels of 8, The Firs, Combe Down, Bath, who died at the age of 72, took place at Monkton Combe Church on W...

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- 19/01/1941

11/11/1877 - 19/01/1941

ILL SINCE LAST WAR Death of Mr. George Foster of Combe Down Mr. George Villiers Foster, who died on Sunday at 1, Clifton Villas Combe Down, Bath, had been suffering from an illness he contracted durin...

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- 07/01/1941

28/06/1898 - 07/01/1941

WON MILITARY MEDAL AT 18 Death of Mr L. Straw, of Combe Down The death occurred suddenly at Mr, Lewis Henry Straw, M. M. , of Brierley Cottage. Combe Down, Bath. Mr. Straw came from a very old Derbys...

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- 04/01/1941

15/04/1879 - 04/01/1941

FUNERAL OF MR. C. E. MORRIS Foreman of Bath Stone Firms for many years, a respected employee of the Bath and Portland Stone Firms, for whom he was a foreman at Combe Down. Mr. Claude Ernest Morris, ...

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- 01/01/1941

06/01/1864 - 01/01/1941

COMBE DOWN BOWLERS DEATH Former Employee of Messrs. Fry’s Mr. Walter Frank Allen, who died at a Bath hospital on Tuesday, was the eldest son of the late Mr. Frances Allen of spring Cottage, Combe Do...

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- 05/12/1940

17/05/1914 - 05/12/1940

Thomas Gray was born to Ernest Arthur and Suzannah Mary on 17th May 1914 in Urchfont, near Devizes. He was serving with 12 Sqn which, since December 1939, had been based on a grass airfield near the v...

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- 05/10/1940

26/04/1897 - 05/10/1940

BATH SAPPER KILLED UNIT "BOMBED & GUNNED IN RAID" COMRADES WOUNDED An official telegram received by Mrs. Payton, of 5, Quarry Vale, Combe Down, Bath, conveys the sad news that her husband, who cam...

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