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109 Church Road Francis Popham Nicolas Kim Coppola
10th Bath (Combe Down) Scout Group Francis William Henry Webb Northanger Abbey
113 Church Road Frederick Cross Notification of Births Act 1907
115 Church Road Frederick Louis,  Prince of Wales Nutrisport
117 Church Road Frederick Mines Oldfield Old Boys RFC
1st Baron de Montalt Frederick William Charles Buxton Whalley Organisation for European Economic Co-operation
1st Marquess of Exeter Frederick William Herschel K.H., F.R.S Orville and Wilbur Wright
1st Viscount Hawarden Free Trade Perrymead Catholic cemetery
1st Viscount Hawarden’s Will Frome Division Conservative Association Peter Addison
2nd Earl of Lanesborough Frome Road House Philip Allen
2nd Viscount Hawarden Frome Road Workhouse Philip Bennett
3rd Viscount Hawarden Fulk Morley Philip Bishop
Abbey Cemetery Fullers Earth Philip Lawless
Abraham Sumsion Fullers Earth Company Philip Nowell
Abram Darby G. Street & Co. Philip Richards
Act of Settlement of 1701 G.C. Mann Phyllis May Prescott
Act of Toleration 1689 General James Edwin Williams Pictor and Sons
Act of Uniformity 1662 General Pier and Harbour Act 1861 Pitcairn & Richardson
Admiral Edward Pellew,  1st Viscount Exmouth,  GCB Geological Society Plantation Quarry
Admiralty Auxiliary Units George Dames Plymouth Brethren
Adulteration of Food Act 1872 George Davidge Politics
Aharon b Moshe George Edward Allen Poor Law Amendment Act 1834
Alan Chapman George Frideric Handel Poor Law Amendment Act 1868
Alan Tucker George Phillips Manners Pope’s Bath Chronicle
Alec Garrett George Steart Population Growth
Alexander Graham Bell George Wade Portland Quarries
Alexander Mowat George William Whittaker Postage Act 1765
Alexander Pope George Wyatt Prince Regent
Alexander Raphael Gertrude Kate Fortt Princess Amelia
Alfred W. Davis Gertrude Tucker Prior Park
Alfred Wicks Grace’s Guide Prior Park after Ralph Allen
Alice Gertrude Robinson Graham Henry Charles Chapman Prior Park Gardens
Alice Mary Sauvarin Great Exhibition of 1851 Prior Park Mansion
Alice Nash Great Western Railway Priscilla Peacock
Alice Pryor Green Park Station Probation Act 1907
Allen Tucker Greendown or Turnpike Quarries Professor Alexander Stewart Herschel
Allotments Quarry Greendown Place Provelio
Ambrose Heal Greendown Terrace Public Health Act 1872
Amelia Elizabeth Newman Greenwich Hospital Public Health Act 1875
Andrew Bell Grey Gables Mine Public Health Act 1925
Andrew Innys Grosvenor Wharf Public lighting on Combe Down
Andrew Shepherd Gym Quarry / Prior Park Quarry Queen Victoria
Ann Brown Becket H. B. Joyce R. E. M. Peach
Ann Simpson H.E. Goodridge R. J. Marsh and Company Limited
Ann Standerwick Heal Hadley Estate Rachel Bayntun
Anne Elizabeth Cunard Hancock’s / Upper Lawn Quarry Rainbow Woods Quarry (Fairy Wood Quarry)
Anne Isabella,  Viscountess of Harwarden Hanginglands Quarry Ralph Allen
Anthony Buckeridge Hanson Bath and Portland Stone Ralph Allen Postal Entrepreneur
Anthony D. Bennett Hanson PLC Ralph Allen School
Apsley House Harrald and Butler Ralph Allen Warburton
Arabella Nelson Harriett Eliza Compton Ralph Allen Wooden Railway
Archbishop of York Harriett Lawley Ralph Allen’s death
Archer’s Bath Chronicle Harrold and Butler Ralph Allen’s first marriage and stone quarries
Around Combe Down by Peter Addison Harry Bland Ralph Allen’s Quarry
Arthur and Elizabeth Wilkinson Harry Patch Ralph Allen’s second marriage and Prior Park
Arthur Wilkinson Haxells Hotel Ralph Davis
Aslat family Hayes St. Leger,  2nd Viscount Doneraile Ralph Edward Allen
Atherton & Gabriel Hayeswood Reservoir Ralph Shuttleworth Allen
Augusta Chivers Bower Heals of Tottenham Court Road Ralph Vaughan Williams
Augusta Etheldreda Allen Health Ralph Warburton
Avenue Hall Health Service Act 1946 Randell Saunders and Company Limited
Avon Rowing Club Helen Beatrice Robinson Raymond Vincent Whitaker
Balaruc Water Henry Allen Raymond Whitaker
Balaruc-les-Bains Henry Arthur Whately Rebecca Dodds
Bankruptcy Act 1861 Henry Austin Bruce,  1st Baron Aberdare,  G.C.B.,  P.C.,  D.L. Rebecca Nelson
Barbara Penelope Mallett Lock Henry Cecil, 1st Marquess of Exeter,  10th Earl of Exeter Reform Act 1832
Bath & North East Somerset Council Henry Charles Stone Reform Act 1867
Bath Abbey Henry Duncan Skrine Reform Act 1884
Bath and District High Level Waterworks Company Ltd. Henry Edmund Allen Representation of the People Act 1918
Bath and Portland Stone Firms Ltd. Henry Fielding Reverend Adam Sedgwick  M.A., F.R.S.
Bath Argyle Street Congregational Church Henry Graham Montagu Reverend Alfred Richardson
Bath Bach Festival Henry Jennings Reverend Clement Cruttwell
Bath Board of Guardians Henry John Chapman Reverend D. Lee Pitcairn
Bath Brewery Company Henry John William Cridland Wisdom Reverend Dr. Sweetapple
Bath Chronicle Henry Mingden Scarth Reverend Francis Pearce Pocock
Bath Clinic Henry Morrish Reverend Henry and Edith Wisdom
Bath Corporation Henry Newson Garrett Reverend James Poole
Bath Corporation Water Act 1903 Henry Stone Reverend John Davies
Bath District National School Henry Street Reverend John Paul Porter
Bath Gas Company Henry T. Jennings Reverend Reginald Guy Bryan
Bath Poor Law Union Henry VII’s Chapel Reverend Sydenham Teast Wylde
Bath Poor Union Workhouse Henry Ward Reverend William Henry Vivian
Bath Record Office Henry Woolhouse Disney Roebuck Reverend William John Brodrick
Bath Roads Office Henry Wright Revolutions
Bath Rural District Council Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent Richard and William Turner
Bath Spa Station Herbert J. Jordan Richard Clement
Bath Statutory Hospital Herschel Museum of Astronomy Richard Cruttwell
Bath Stone Firms Ltd. Holy Trinity Church Richard Dike
Bath Tramways Hon. Harriet Brodrick Richard Falkner
Bath Turnpike Roads Honourable Augustus Richard Butler Richard Graves
Bathampton Manor Honourable Francis Algernon James Chichester Richard Holder
Bathavon Rural District Council Honourable Norah Creina Blanche Bruce Richard Jones
Bathite Ltd. Hopecote Lodge Richard Knott
Beechwood Quarry Hopecote Quarry Richard Lankesheer
Belgravia Horizon Holidays Richard Sheridan
Benjamin Pugh Horsecombe Brook Richard Shuttleworth Cruttwell
Benjamin Wingrove Housing Acts 1919,  1930 and 1936 Richard Silcock
Bill Reed How Much Is That In Today’s Money? Robert & Maria Mattingly
Bishop Baines Humphrey Colles Robert Cecil
Bishop of Clifton Humphrey May Freestun Robert Eric Hill
Bishop William Hugh Joseph Clifford Humphrey Saunders Robert Francis Kilvert
Board of Education Act 1899 Hunstrete House Robert Greville
Boddely’s Bath Journal Hydrock Robert James Wall
Bradford on Avon Ian L. Newman Robert Jupe
Bradford Road Insolvency Act 1844 Robert Randall
Braysdown Colliery Inspector of Nuisances Robert Vezey
Bridgewater Monument International Exhibition of 1862 Rockery tea garden
Bristol Catholic Grammar School International Inventions Exhibition Rockhall School
British Empire Internet Roebuck v. Roebuck
British Empire Union Irish Legion Roger Rood
British History Online Isaac Carr Roman Villa
Brompton Cemetery Isaac Sumsion Royal Guelphic Order
Buckingham Palace Isabel Colegate Royal Society of Arts
Byfield Quarry Isabella Cousins Rt. Hon. John Mason
C. H. Duffield Isabella Place Ruby Evelyn Watson
C. Mitchell & Co. Isobel Cousins S. & A. Fuller of Kingsmead
C. W. Love Ivan Fale Sabina Bernard
Calcutta International Exhibition J. Davidge Sabrina Poole Bernard
Canford School J. Sumsion Salisbury and Winchester Journal
Canon William Joseph Whately J. Vaughan Sampson Kempthorne
Captain Charles L. Ottley R.N. J. W. Fosberge Samuel Charmbury
Captain Oswald Borland R.N. J.J. Scoles Samuel Clement
Caroline Albinia Gertrude Wylde J.M.W. Turner Samuel Hadley Esq.
Caroline Elizabeth Golding Jackdaw Quarry Samuel Rowe Noble
Caroline Hadley James Birth Samuel Thomas
Caroline Mary Davies James Cecil,  3rd Earl of Salisbury Sarah Ann Cook
Caroline Mary Hadley James Clapp Sarah Maria Carteret
Caroline St. Leger James Gracey Science and Communication
Carriage Inn James II Scott Wilson Mining
Carty and Son James Robinson Second World War
Census Summary 1841 – 1901 James Ross Shellard and Son
Censuses James Sheppard Shepherd’s Walk
Changes in the 19th century James Standerwick Shepherd’s Walk Quarry
Changes in the 20th century Jane Anne Lawless Sherborne Mercury
Charles Atherton Jane Bennett Simon Winchester
Charles Brodrick,  Archbishop of Cashel and Emly Jane Dodsworth Sir Bernard Burke
Charles Conolly Jane Eliza Walbeoff Sir Charles Parsons
Charles Davis Jane Erle Sir Henry Irving
Charles Edmund Giles Jeffrey Wyatt Sir James West
Charles Francis Hansom Jemima Harris Sir John Frederick William Herschel K.H., F.R.S
Charles Henry Gabriel Jesse Sewell Sir John Popham
Charles Hindley Jessie Palethorpe Sir John Robinson
Charles Middleton Kernot Jewish Cemetery Sir John Vanden Bempde Johnstone,  1st Baronet, PC
Charles Nightingale Joane Randall Sir Jonathan Frederick Pollock
Charles Perks Job Salter Sir Richard Terry
Charles Price Davis Johanna Jefferies Sir Robert Brown,  5th Baronet
Charles Richard Dames John Arthur Roebuck Sir Robert Hesilrige
Charles Simpson John Bally Sir William Arthur Colegate
Charles Stanley Monck,  Baron Monck of Ballytramon John Blood Castle Sir William Beveridge
Charles Thomas Conolly John Bull Sir William Henry Arthington Worsley,  3rd Baronet Worsley
Charles Wibley John Carnan Skelton Manor
Christian Brothers John Carter Skrine family
Christopher Griffinhoofe John Chapman Social Change
Christopher Hotel John Claudius Loudon Somerset and Dorset Railway
Christopher Hull John Cook Somerset Coal Canal
Christopher Humphries John Cope Freeman Somerset Coal Canal Company
Christopher William Hubert Slingo John Davidge Somerset Street Baptist Chapel
Church Army John Davies Somerset Yeomanry
Church Army Hut John Douglas Ross Southstoke Lane
Church Rooms John Eyre Southstoke Lane Quarry
Circulating Libraries John Fisher Southstoke Road
City of Bath Bach Choir John Francis W Snook Springfield Quarry
City of Bath Electrical Lighting and Engineering Company John Gabriel SS Great Western
Claremont House John Greenway St. James,  Jamaica
Clarence School John Haddon & Co. St. Martin’s Hospital
Claude John Fale John Hall St. Mary Magdalen Hospital Charity
Claude W. Close John Hall II St. Michael and All Angels Church
Claverton Manor John Hancock & Sons St. Winifred’s Quarry
Clifton Church John Harris Heal Stag’s Head
Clifton Diocese John Hensley Steam Power
Col. Egbert Lewis John Jeffreys Stennard’s Quarry
Col. William Gore Langton John Johnstone Stockton and Darlington railway
College Quarry John Leland Stonar School
Collinson John Mason Hepworth Stone Brothers Limited
Collinson’s History of Somerset John McAdam Stone Firms Ltd
Colonel Sir Claude Dansey John Nash Stone’s Quarry
Colonel Sir William Arthington Worsley,  4th Baronet Worsley John Padmore Stonehouse Lane Quarry
Colonel Skrine John Peter Stursberg Strand Palace Hotel
Combe Down John Robinson Esquire Stratford Saye
Combe Down (Bath) and General Waterworks Company Ltd. John Robinson of Gravesend Street Numbering
Combe Down (Bath) Freestone Co. Ltd. John Stanley Mildenhall Cruse Street’s Quarry
Combe Down before Ralph Allen John Talbot Stamp and Alice Miller Stuckey’s Banking Co.
Combe Down Brewery John Talbot Stamp Miller Susanna Bowles
Combe Down Convalescent Home John Taylor & Co Target Comics
Combe Down Institute John Thomas Taunton Turnpike Trust
Combe Down Old Scholars Dramatic Society John Thomas & Sons Tea Gardens Quarry
Combe Down Omnibus John Vezey Telegraph Act 1869
Combe Down Quarries John Vivian Telephone service on Combe Down
Combe Down RFC John Ward Test Acts 1673
Combe Down Rugby Football Club John Wesley The “Boundaries Fight”
Combe Down School John Whitaker The Admiralty
Combe Down Sewerage John Wood The Bath and Bristol Chronicle
Combe Down Tunnel Johnstone & Jeanes The Bath Chronicle
Combe Down Village Johnstone,  Jupe & Co. The Bath Institution for Idiot Children and Those of Weak Intellect
Combe Down War Memorial Joseph Barratt The Bath Preservation Trust
Combe Down Water Company Joseph Ponting The British and Foreign School Society for the Education of the Labouring and Manufacturing Classes of Society of Every Religious Persuasion
Combe Down Waterworks Joseph Silcock The British Title System
Combe Down Waterworks Company Joseph Wicks The Corsham Bath Stone Company Limited
Combe Grove Manor Josephine Myra Hughes The Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors
Conventicle Acts 1664 Joshua Hague The Earl of Exeter
Convention on International Civil Aviation Joyce Dorothy Barter The Great War
Copies of the Deeds Junction Quarry The Hadleys
Cornwallis Maude Katharine Lucy Mary Worsley The Hon. Sophia Maude
Cornwallis Maude,  1st Viscount Hawarden Kennet & Avon The Impact of a Century of Change
Corporation Act 1661 Kenneth Scott Adams The Magdalen Hospital Education Charity
Cottles King of Sweden The Magdalen Hospital School
Council of Europe King William IV The Marquess of Exeter
Cox’s or Collibee’s Quarry Kingham Quarry The Missing Earl
Cox’s Vertical Shaft Quarry Kings Bench Prison The Monument
Crossway Quarry Lady Anne Elizabeth Brudenell The National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church
Cruikshank’s Quarry Lady Frances Gurney Dansey The Numbers
Cuthbert Aloysius Joseph Bates Lady Massie Blomfield The Old Bank
Cwm Celyn and Blaina Iron Company Lankesheer’s Quarry The Prior Foundation
Cwm Celyn Ironworks Laurence W. Sinclair The Royal Hospital at Greenwich
Dame Cicely Isabel Fairfield DBE Lease and Release The Royal Mineral Water Hospital
Daphne Mildred Bish Legion d’Honneur The Rt. Hon. John Monck Mason
David Bernard Leonard and Florence Haxell The Scandal
David Garrick Lewisham Record Office The Vicarage
David Merrifield Lieut-Col. H. F. Clutterbuck Thomas and Mary Jones
David Ockden Esq. List of Quarries Thomas Cruttwell
Davidge’s Bottom Quarry Liverpool Mercury Thomas Dicke
Davis Langdon Local Government Act 1972 Thomas Gainsborough
De Isney Lodge Hill Quarry / Shaft Road Quarry Thomas Gill
De Montalt Estate London & South West Railway Thomas Hall
De Montalt Mill Longleat Thomas Hanks
De Montalt Quarry Longwood House Thomas Hine
Debtors Act 1869 Lord Hawarden’s Mortgages Thomas Jones
Defence of The Realm Act 1914 Lord Kerry Thomas Macaulay Cruttwell
Denston Hall Louisa Lucy Margaret Catherine Brancaccio Thomas Ralph Maude
Dorothy Greville Louisa Maria Jenkins Thomas Robbins
Dorothy Hesilrige Love’s Quarry Thomas Sheppard
Dr. Benjamin Dodworth Lower Whitley Farm Thomas Shute
Dr. Charles Parfitt Lucy Agnes Aileen Condie Thomas Stennard
Dr. William Oliver Lucy Ann Orme Thomas Taylor
Dr. William Skrine Lucy Jackson Gawthrop Thomas Withy
Duke of Kingston Lucy Rutherford Thomas,  Viscount Harwarden
Dundas Aqueduct Lyons and Co. Thos. Shepherd
E. A. S. Fawcett M. Adams Timsbury Colliery
Eagle and Palladium Insurance Company Mabel Annie Robinson Town Planning Act 1909
Earl de Montalt Macaulay Buildings Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847
Earl of Exeter Madras Army of the Honourable East India Company Transport & Travel
Earl of Mexborough Madras System Tucking Mill
Earl of Shrewsbury Magdalena Johanna Geertruyda Andree Tudor Singers
Edith Helen Hepworth Major-General Anthony St Leger Tugwell,  Brymer, Clutterbuck & Co.
Edith K. Howells Manor of Monkton Combe Union Chapel
Edith Susan Dibben Marchesa di Sant Agata Union Quarry
Edmund Fellowes Margaret Alice Edith Herschel Marshall Uni-Seco Prefabricated Houses
Edmund Vezey Margaret Cecil Brown Upper Lodge Quarry
Edmund White Margaret Elizabeth Mallett Vaughan-Jenkins
Education Margaret Layton Vinegar Down Quarry
Edward Bird Margaret Louisa Herschel W. Bean
Edward Browne Margaret Mary Mallett W. G. Lane
Edward Candler-Brown Margaret Musters Wansdyke
Edward Hadley Margaretta Wars and their effect on the World Order
Edward Herbert Bayldon D.L., J.P. Maria Mattingly Water Act 1945
Edward James Burnet Harris Martha Bennett Water Act 1973
Edward Langford Martha Heal Waterhouse
Edward Layton Martha Standerwick Wealth
Edward Lucknam Martha Vezey Weights and Measures Act 1824
Edward Palethorpe Mary & Ann Deverell Wellow Parish Council
Edward Raphael Mary Allen Wessex Water
Edward Richard Dolling Mary Ann Hague West Cowes Pier Company
Edward Teast Wylde Mary Ann Miles Western Apostolic District
Edward William Charles Prescott Mary Ann Rebecca Hague Widcombe Bridge accident
Edward William Leyborne Mary Ann Rebecca Hanks Widcombe Manor
Edwin Henry Lingen Barker Mary Bull Will Of Ralph Allen
Edwin Wilson Gresham Williams-Hepworth Mary Hayward William and Martha Portman
Eleanor Butlin Mary Sandford William Bally
Electric Lighting on Combe Down Mary Wingrove William Battell
Elementary Education Act 1870 Mary Withy William Butler
Elementary Education Act 1880 Maternity and Child Welfare Act 1918 William Bye Lidiard
Elias Dyer Mather & Crowther William Coles
Eliza Clark Matthew Colthurst William Cruttwell
Eliza Perrot Matthew Randall William Davies
Elizabeth Buckeridge Mercantilist Philosophy William Ellen
Elizabeth Carew Robinson Metropolitan Management Act 1857 William Every
Elizabeth Cruttwell Michael Briggs William Franklin
Elizabeth Davies Michael J. Barrow William Harrald
Elizabeth Holder Midford Castle William Jay
Elizabeth Jenkyns Midford Springs William Jennings Allen
Elizabeth Morris Midland Railway William Lawless
Elizabeth Read Midwives Act 1902 William Lawrence
Elizabeth Tucker Miss M. Cousins William Lewins
Emily Ridge Miss M.F. Doman William Merchant
English and Fasana Miss Shute William Mongomerie
English Heritage Mnemonika William Phillimore
Entry Hill Quarry Monckton Combe William Phillimore Esq.
Equal Franchise Act 1928 Monkton Combe William Pitt
Equal Franchise Act of 1928 Monkton Combe School William Portman
European Coal and Steel Community Monsignor Vincent Eyre William Robbins
European Economic Community Morna Sybil Chichester William Seward and Jane LeFeuvre
European Union Mount Pleasant Quarry William Seward LeFeuvre
Evaline Freda Hammond Mrs. Brian William Skrine
Fabian Society Mrs. Dinah Skrine William Smith
Family Allowance Act 1945 Mrs. Gore Langton William Steart
Father William Eyre Mrs. Grant William Stennard
Fire protection on Combe Down Mrs. Jane Conolly William the Conqueror
Firs Quarry Mrs. M. Adams William Tibbot
First World War Napoleon William Tucker
Five Mile Act 1665 Nathan Atherton William Vaughan
Florence Edith Packer Nathaniel Hadley William Warburton
Florence Lewis National Assistance Act 1948 William Wiltshire
Florence May Pearce National Fire Service Wilts & Dorset Bank
Foxhill National Insurance Act 1911 Windsor Castle
Foxhill Estate National Insurance Act 1946 Winifred Mary Worsley
Foxhill Quarry National Telephone Company Wollaston Prize
Frances ‘Fanny’ Wingrove National Trust Woolwich Dockyard
Francis Charmbury New Christian Church Workhouse Union Hospital
Francis Ewens Newton Park World War Two
Francis Poole Nicholas Cage World Wide Web

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