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In 1925 a ‘secret chamber’ was found on Church Road, Combe Down just outside Hopecote. At first it was reported as a coffin, then it was speculated to be a culvert and eventually it was decided it was a secret powder magazine built by Ralph Allen.

Dundas Acqueduct, Monkton Combe.

Designed by John Rennie and chief engineer John Thomas between 1797 and 1801, and completed in 1805.

Who likes ephemera?

I find them fascinating, especially an empty envelope like this, when I wonder what the contents said.

Rev Dr Henry Darrell Sudell Sweetapple (1862 – 1953) was Vicar of Combe Down from 1914 - 1920.

Interesting for Combe Downers, there are many drungs here.

Another view says it's a “narrow lane or passage between houses, fenced gardens, etc.” derived from the Old English “thrang,” referring to a throng or a crowd.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Saturday 21 July 1934.

Love our Facebook group.

Asked: "Just as a matter of interest, have you done your family tree?

If you have, what's the most interesting thing you discovered?

How far back did you get?"

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