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This is the family tree centre for Prior to Now where you can find information about some of the people and families mentioned in the site and blog. This section of the site has it's own sub navigation for the family trees which, hopefully, is fairly intuitive.

It's not yet complete and the size of each tree varies depending on what information is available without too much trouble and, bluntly, on my interest in the subjects and their family!

What I have tried to do is to take the 'hero' character or characters who are mentioned in Prior to Now and then to follow their line backwards. In doing this I have, unashamedly, mainly followed the male line for the reason that it is easier - the further back you go the more difficult it can be to find female ancestors maiden names. I have also followed the line of, in the main, direct decendants, adding in spouses and trying to fill in one generation of ancestors for said spouses. The reason for this is simple, it becomes unmanageable otherwise! The intent is not to do a world family tree!

Whilst doing this I have also relied on the information 'crowdsourced' from other members of Ancestry to whom I offer thanks for all the hints and information they share about their ancestors. Even so, some of the trees have some 'interpretation' - relationships are not always clear for historical figures. Hopefully, where this has been needed I have got it correct, but, as in all work of this type there are no guarantees that there are no errors or omissions.

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