Open data maps and stats

The World Wide Web has changed the way we think and act. Massive amounts of data and information has gone online and the benefits seem obvious. For some time people have worked on the idea of open data i.e. data that anyone can use and share. Open data maps and stats are appearing more and more.

Open data enables small businesses, citizens, medical researchers and others to develop resources which make crucial improvements to their communities. Examples include:

  • helping parents to assess school performance in Tanzania
  • mapping the Ebola outbreak to save lives in West Africa
  • helping fishermen sell their catch at the market where the price was highest in Kerala

In the UK examples include:

New open data opportunities are constantly being discovered and in the Bath area Bath Hacked has been working with Age UK Bath to map services across the area and is publishing and curating open data, from the council and other local and national organisations for use by the local community and businesses and hosting and running events to engage with the local community and encourage useful tools, applications and visualisations.

Get the data takes the data that it has down to postcode level as the screen capture image below shows. Here’s a link for the BA2 5JJ Church Road postcode at GetTheData, and if that’s not your postcode then just put yours in when you get there and find out more about your local area and a lot more besides.

GetTheData open data maps and stats
GetTheData open data maps and stats