More people and family trees for our block 1900 – 1950

the christopher hotel 1844 300x191
The Christopher Hotel 1844

I continue to add family trees. Here are more family trees for the owners and occupants of Claremont House and 113 – 117 Church Road in the period 1900 – 1950.

List of family trees

(These ttrees have been deleted and where possible incorporated into the family maze. The originals are still available on Ancestry for anyone interested.) NOTE BY RICHARD HILL ON 1 FEBRUARY 2024.

As usual the families are all middle class – farmer, vicar, hotel keeper (the Robinson family ran the Christopher hotel), colliery manager, bank manager, company director, naval officer.

There are still a number of trees to do for the period and it really is a “labour of love” doing the family trees!

I do them because I believethat family history is an important part of local history and vice versa. People shape how areas change over time and the type of people who lived in an area is crucial. 

Much local history has been concerned with the ‘descent of the manor’ and the pedigrees and houses of the landed classes, but the lives of ‘ordinary’ people who made up most of the population is often ignored and, arguably, it’s more important.

Family history and local history can converge to produce a more complete picture of an area.

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