Memorable, official original listing letter 1976

I have just been given the original listing letter 1976 from Bath City Council.

It’s dated 2nd August 1976 and addressed to Mr R Wall making the property a Building of Special Architectural or Historic Interest or listed building from 5th August 1975 under the Town and Country Planning Act 1971.

Last evening I was just preparing the evening meal for the family (if you’re interested: smoked cod and prawns poached in a butter, tarragon, garlic and peperoncino sauce, served with British asparagus, Padrón peppers and Jersey Royals, lovely!) when there was a knock at the door.

A rather lovely lady was there bringing the original listing letter sent in 1976.

As I understand things, it was found in the effects of her husband’s grandmother, Daphne Mildred Bish who died last year.

Very kindly the family decided that the current owners of the house might like it and just brought it along.

It’s a wonderful little surprise gift and I’m only sorry that I didn’t get the chance to ask her for her name and her husband’s name – I was a little flustered as the timer beeper was going off, indicating all the food was ready, just after I opened the door. Anyway, I thank them here.

original listing letter 1976 732x1024
Original listing letter 1976

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More family trees for Owners & Occupants 1850 to 1900

I continue to add family trees.

Here are more family trees for the owners and occupants of Claremont House and 113 – 117 Church Road in the period 1850 – 1900.

Interesting points

Amongst them are some interesting discoveries. 

List of family trees

the le feuvre family in august 1895 courtesy simon jenkins 300x193
The Le Feuvre family in August 1895 (courtesy Simon Jenkins)
Left to right: Charlie, Annie, Ithiel, Jane, Arthur, Samuel, Gertrude, Edmund, Vincent. Photographer: W.G. Lewis, 1 and 2, Seymour Street, Bath

As one might expect, the families are middle class but with a wide range of trades and professions from butcher to solicitor, council health inspector to carpenter, police superintendent to school teacher.

(Please note that these family trees have been deleted and where possible incorporated into the family maze. The originals are still available on Ancestry for anyone interested.) NOTE BY RICHARD HILL ON 1 FEBRUARY 2024. 

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