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Bristol, Gloucestershire, England


Tree: Montagu family

Latitude: 51.4545130, Longitude: -2.5879100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Caroline Florence  18 Oct 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I214
2 Montagu, Ella  Abt 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I15
3 Montagu, Evelyn  02 Mar 1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I16
4 Montagu, Ivy Elizabeth  Apr 1907Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I22
5 Montagu, Percy  Abt 1902Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I26
6 Montagu, Ronald  15 Nov 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28
7 Sanders, Albert Frances  Abt 1899Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I120
8 Sanders, Clifford Ernest  19 Jul 1907Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I64
9 Sanders, Florence H  Jan 1915Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I96
10 Sanders, Florrie  Abt 1893Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I194
11 Sanders, Frederick Henry  12 Oct 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I196
12 Sanders, Harold John  20 Jan 1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I197
13 Sanders, Henry Albert  10 Mar 1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I216
14 Sanders, Henry Albert  17 Jul 1912Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I215
15 Twigg, Alice Louise M  Jan 1911Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I35
16 Twigg, Charles J  Abt 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I218
17 Twigg, John  1825Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I164
18 Twigg, Vollie  Abt 1865Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I217
19 Wilkinson, Eliza Ann  Abt 1832Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I163


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Caroline Florence  19 Oct 1917Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I214
2 Montagu, Florence Emily  Jun 1946Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I17
3 Montagu, Henry Grahame  23 Mar 1916Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I20
4 Sanders, Harold John  13 Apr 1926Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I197
5 Sanders, Henry Albert  18 Feb 1953Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I216
6 Sanders, Henry Albert  Abt 1995Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I215
7 Twigg, Alice Louise M  Jun 1925Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I35
8 Twigg, John  Oct 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I164
9 Wilkinson, Eliza Ann  Jul 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I163


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Montagu  Mar 1925Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F88
2 Ford /   Mar 1925Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F84
3 Montagu / Perrott  12 May 1902Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F11
4 Montagu / Tucker  Jul 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F10
5 Railton / Montagu  11 Jan 1905Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F12
6 Sanders / Bryant  20 Feb 1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F52
7 Twigg / Wilkinson  Jan 1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F38