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London, London, England


Tree: PTN family maze

Latitude: 51.5, Longitude: -0.1167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atherton, Nathan  Abt 1798London, London, England I398 PTN family maze 
2 Baring, Edward Charles 1st Baron Revelstoke  13 Apr 1828London, London, England I2310 PTN family maze 
3 Barton, Capt Philip Geoffrey  25 June 1891London, London, England I3451 PTN family maze 
4 Bathurst, Grp Capt Peter  1 Mar 1903London, London, England I1345 PTN family maze 
5 Bayning, Hon Cicelia  Abt 1613London, London, England I8490 PTN family maze 
6 Bayning, The Hon Anne Countess of Oxford  1 May 1637London, London, England I3747 PTN family maze 
7 Beerbohm, Maj Clarence Evelyn  Apr 1885London, London, England I2505 PTN family maze 
8 Brewer, Matthew  Abt 1836London, London, England I6471 PTN family maze 
9 Bryan, Guy  Abt 1753London, London, England I1021 PTN family maze 
10 Cadogan, Charles Sloane 1st Earl Cadogan, MP  29 Sep 1728London, London, England I1950 PTN family maze 
11 Cavendish, Frances Lady Pierrepont  18 Jun 1548London, London, England I492 PTN family maze 
12 Cavendish, Henry  Abt 1550London, London, England I1352 PTN family maze 
13 Cavendish, William 5th Duke of Devonshire, KG  14 Dec 1748London, London, England I1926 PTN family maze 
14 Constable, Anne Lady Curtis  7 Feb 1757London, London, England I3541 PTN family maze 
15 de Nassau d'Auverquerque, Lady Henrietta Countess Cowper  17 Oct 1712London, London, England I2347 PTN family maze 
16 de Vere, Aubrey 20th Earl of Oxford KG PC  28 Feb 1627London, London, England I3704 PTN family maze 
17 Fortt, William King  Abt 1831London, London, England I822 PTN family maze 
18 Fuller Maitland, Thomas  16 Jul 1817London, London, England I2038 PTN family maze 
19 George, Ethel  Oct 1895London, London, England I6031 PTN family maze 
20 Gore, Sir Paul  Abt 1567London, London, England I1195 PTN family maze 
21 Hanbury Tracy, The Hon Georgiana Henrietta Emma  Abt 1834London, London, England I201 PTN family maze 
22 Hanover, George William Frederick King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, King of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg  Abt 1738London, London, England I2274 PTN family maze 
23 Harbord, Edward 3rd Baron Suffield  10 Nov 1781London, London, England I305 PTN family maze 
24 Hatchard, Eliza Kate  Abt 1854London, London, England I9209 PTN family maze 
25 Howard, George 6th Earl of Carlisle, KG PC FRS  17 Sep 1773London, London, England I1923 PTN family maze 
26 Kirke, Diana Countess of Oxford  1640London, London, England I3705 PTN family maze 
27 Lascelles, Henry George Charles 6th Earl of Harewood KG GCVO DSO TD JP DL  9 Sep 1882London, London, England I1762 PTN family maze 
28 Lascelles, Lady Constance Mary Lady Wenlock  27 May 1852London, London, England I8465 PTN family maze 
29 Maude, The Hon Isabella Jane  1814London, London, England I256 PTN family maze 
30 Mills, Susanna Caroline  Abt 1823London, London, England I558 PTN family maze 
31 Monck, John  1734London, London, England I1537 PTN family maze 
32 Nugent Temple Grenville, George 1st Marquess of Buckingham, KG KP PC  17 Jun 1753London, London, England I1485 PTN family maze 
33 O' Halloran, Anne Hellen Lucy  Abt 1822London, London, England I372 PTN family maze 
34 Phillips, Elizabeth Weston  8 Sep 1772London, London, England I807 PTN family maze 
35 Pitt, Mary  1 Mar 1719London, London, England I215 PTN family maze 
36 Plunkett, Emilia  1708London, London, England I1492 PTN family maze 
37 Pontifex, William Charles  6 Mar 1851London, London, England I1293 PTN family maze 
38 Poyntz, Elizabeth Georgiana Countess Spencer  27 Mar 1799London, London, England I2312 PTN family maze 
39 Raphael, Agnes Louisa Elizabeth Countess of Mexborough  Abt 1831London, London, England I1998 PTN family maze 
40 Rivington, George Sangster  29 Nov 1870London, London, England I2073 PTN family maze 
41 Rivington, Rosa Sangster  Jul 1875London, London, England I2100 PTN family maze 
42 Sackville, Lady Mary Countess of Orrery  4 Feb 1646London, London, England I3887 PTN family maze 
43 Search, Ernest Bernard Haller  Abt 1849London, London, England I9554 PTN family maze 
44 Seymour, Adm Lord Hugh  29 Apr 1759London, London, England I2324 PTN family maze 
45 Seymour, Col Sir Horace Beauchamp KCH  22 Nov 1791London, London, England I2315 PTN family maze 
46 Somerset, Henry 5th Duke of Beaufort, KG  16 Oct 1744London, London, England I1652 PTN family maze 
47 Spencer, Lady Diana Duchess of Bedford  31 Jul 1710London, London, England I2222 PTN family maze 
48 Stephenson, Emily Maria  9 Aug 1849London, London, England I1576 PTN family maze 
49 Stewart, Jane Francis Clinton Duchess of Marlborough  26 May 1817London, London, England I1962 PTN family maze 
50 Stride, Ann  Bef 1840London, London, England I6512 PTN family maze 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagshaw, Sarah  1720London, London, England I334 PTN family maze 
2 Bayning, Paul 1st Viscount Bayning  29 Jul 1629London, London, England I1341 PTN family maze 
3 Berkeley, Lady Arethusa Viscountess Dungarvan  11 Feb 1742London, London, England I11098 PTN family maze 
4 Boleyn, Lady Anne Queen Consort of England  19 May 1536London, London, England I2880 PTN family maze 
5 Bostock, Margaret Lady Cavendish  16 Jun 1540London, London, England I1351 PTN family maze 
6 Burrell, Emma  1 May 1865London, London, England I620 PTN family maze 
7 Cavendish, William 5th Duke of Devonshire, KG  28 Sep 1811London, London, England I1926 PTN family maze 
8 Champagn√©, Jane Countess of Uxbridge  9 Mar 1817London, London, England I1672 PTN family maze 
9 Conolly, Ellen Charlotte  17 Mar 1893London, London, England I1116 PTN family maze 
10 Cornwallis, Anne Countess of Argyll  12 Jan 1635London, London, England I1613 PTN family maze 
11 Crutwell, Fanny Mary  9 Dec 1902London, London, England I724 PTN family maze 
12 Curtis, Sir William 2nd Baronet  16 Mar 1847London, London, England I3538 PTN family maze 
13 Dashwood, Anne Countess of Galloway  8 Jan 1830London, London, England I1669 PTN family maze 
14 Davenant, Helen  13 Feb 1608London, London, England I1194 PTN family maze 
15 Egerton, John 2nd Earl of Bridgewater, PC  26 Oct 1686London, London, England I1854 PTN family maze 
16 FitzRoy, Charles 1st Baron Southampton  21 Mar 1797London, London, England I2116 PTN family maze 
17 Gosset, Janetta Ann  Apr 1890London, London, England I236 PTN family maze 
18 Gumley, Anna Maria Countess of Bath  14 Sep 1758London, London, England I1774 PTN family maze 
19 Hamilton, Field Mar George 1st Earl of Orkney  29 Jan 1736London, London, England I2606 PTN family maze 
20 Hamilton, Margaret Countess of Orrery, Countess of Cork  24 May 1758London, London, England I2590 PTN family maze 
21 Headington, Emma  Abt 1913London, London, England I6428 PTN family maze 
22 Hervey, Adm Augustus John 3rd Earl of Bristol, PC  23 Dec 1779London, London, England I484 PTN family maze 
23 Howard, Thomas 4th Duke of Norfolk KG  2 Jun 1572London, London, England I2963 PTN family maze 
24 Howard,, Adm Thomas 1st Earl of Suffolk, KG PC  28 May 1626London, London, England I2620 PTN family maze 
25 Jermy (Jermey), Francis  1722London, London, England I134 PTN family maze 
26 Jocelyn, Robert 1st Viscount Jocelyn  3 Dec 1756London, London, England I3160 PTN family maze 
27 Kyan, Gen Francis  Abt 1814London, London, England I3310 PTN family maze 
28 Manners, Lady Catherine Lady Catherine Gower  1722London, London, England I1046 PTN family maze 
29 Manners, Lady Dorothy Countess of Gainsborough  27 Apr 1734London, London, England I10844 PTN family maze 
30 Marchant, Selina White  7 Apr 1888London, London, England I10145 PTN family maze 
31 McCorquodale, Raine Countess Spencer, Countess of Dartmouth  21 Oct 2016London, London, England I2298 PTN family maze 
32 Neville, John 3rd Baron Latimer  2 Mar 1542London, London, England I1622 PTN family maze 
33 Noel, Baptist 3rd Earl of Gainsborough  16 Apr 1714London, London, England I10842 PTN family maze 
34 Pierrepont, Evelyn 1st Duke of Kingston upon Hull, KG PC  5 Mar 1726London, London, England I186 PTN family maze 
35 Pierrepont, Frances Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne  23 Sep 1695London, London, England I487 PTN family maze 
36 Pierrepont, Lady Evelyn Lady Gower  26 June 1727London, London, England I189 PTN family maze 
37 Russell, Francis 2nd Earl of Bedford, KG  28 Jul 1585London, London, England I8834 PTN family maze 
38 Selfe, Henry James Page  6 Sep 1870London, London, England I8813 PTN family maze 
39 Seymour, Thomas 1st Baron Seymour  20 Mar 1549London, London, England I2879 PTN family maze 
40 Smith, William Pardon  April 1854London, London, England I3774 PTN family maze 
41 Spencer Churchill, Lord Edward  5 May 1911London, London, England I1963 PTN family maze 
42 Stuart, Lady Elizabeth Countess of Arundel  23 Jan 1673London, London, England I10530 PTN family maze 
43 Talbot, Gilbert 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, KG  8 May 1616London, London, England I3061 PTN family maze 
44 Tracy, The Hon Henrietta Susanna Lady Sudely  5 Jun 1839London, London, England I203 PTN family maze 
45 Venables Vernon, The Hon Mary  11 Dec 1821London, London, England I2400 PTN family maze 
46 Wylde, Louisa  Oct 1842London, London, England I2010 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baldry, Elizabeth Lady Rich  21 Dec 1591London, London, England I2968 PTN family maze 
2 Barrington, The Hon Frances Countess of Dartmouth  18 Aug 1849London, London, England I8729 PTN family maze 
3 Bayning, Paul 1st Viscount Bayning  London, London, England I1341 PTN family maze 
4 Boleyn, Lady Anne Queen Consort of England  London, London, England I2880 PTN family maze 
5 Bostock, Margaret Lady Cavendish  London, London, England I1351 PTN family maze 
6 Bushe, Georgiana (Georgina)  6 Jul 1882London, London, England I228 PTN family maze 
7 Campbell, Hester Lady Gore  London, London, England I1192 PTN family maze 
8 Cavendish, Sir William  London, London, England I502 PTN family maze 
9 Chetwynd Talbot, Lady Frances Charlotte Countess of Dartmouth  London, London, England I8734 PTN family maze 
10 Davenant, Helen  London, London, England I1194 PTN family maze 
11 FitzRoy, Lady Elizabeth Anne  1 Nov 1867London, London, England I2160 PTN family maze 
12 Gore, Gerard  26 Dec 1607London, London, England I1193 PTN family maze 
13 Gore, Sir John Lord Mayor  London, London, England I1191 PTN family maze 
14 Harwood, Edward Henry Sacheverel Berwick de Saumaritz Durell  25 May 1884London, London, England I11348 PTN family maze 
15 Headington, Emma  29 Sep 1913London, London, England I6428 PTN family maze 
16 Herne, Judith Countess of Jersey  12 Jun 1730London, London, England I2407 PTN family maze 
17 Legge, George 3rd Earl of Dartmouth, KG PC FRS  London, London, England I8732 PTN family maze 
18 Legge, William 4th Earl of Dartmouth, FRS FSA  London, London, England I8728 PTN family maze 
19 Leith Hay, George Leslie  2 Oct 1925London, London, England I234 PTN family maze 
20 Macnaghten, Francis  12 Nov 1869London, London, England I1117 PTN family maze 
21 Neville, John 3rd Baron Latimer  London, London, England I1622 PTN family maze 
22 Nowell, Sarah  7 Dec 1878London, London, England I5240 PTN family maze 
23 Vivian, John  London, London, England I1153 PTN family maze 
24 Wherrett, Samuel  16 Sep 1908London, London, England I6419 PTN family maze 
25 Winthrop, Benjamin  London, London, England I3183 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
1 Grubb, Maria  Apr 1842London, London, England I6470 PTN family maze 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Astell / Kennet  23 May 1770London, London, England F1542 PTN family maze 
2 Baring / Elliot Murray Kynynmound  4 Apr 1908London, London, England F1657 PTN family maze 
3 Christmas / Weston  26 Jul 1716London, London, England F5957 PTN family maze 
4 Churchill / Gould  1702London, London, England F1533 PTN family maze 
5 Guinness / Manners  Oct 1936London, London, England F3955 PTN family maze 
6 Horlock / Tanner  Jul 1960London, London, England F1844 PTN family maze 
7 Maude / Elphinstone Fleeming  22 Mar 1845London, London, England F116 PTN family maze 
8 Roper Curzon / Curzon Howe  11 Feb 1955London, London, England F1699 PTN family maze 
9 Stuart / Wortley Montagu  13 Aug 1736London, London, England F191 PTN family maze 
10 Sutton / Harrington  12 Jun 1581London, London, England F5111 PTN family maze 
11 Thynne / Villiers  1 Jan 1708London, London, England F1246 PTN family maze 
12 Villiers / Bayning  31 Oct 1639London, London, England F541 PTN family maze