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Wellow, Somerset, England


Tree: Hanks, Hague, Stursberg families

Latitude: 51.3229544, Longitude: -2.3748707

Tree: Dolling family

Latitude: 51.3229544, Longitude: -2.3748707

Tree: Steart family

Latitude: 51.3229544, Longitude: -2.3748707

Tree: Chapman family

Latitude: 51.3229544, Longitude: -2.3748707

Tree: Fale, Prescott family

Latitude: 51.3229544, Longitude: -2.3748707

Tree: Jordan family

Latitude: 51.3229544, Longitude: -2.3748707

Tree: Newman family

Latitude: 51.3229544, Longitude: -2.3748707


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coals, Sarah  Abt 1841Wellow, Somerset, England I99
2 Cole, Elizabeth  Abt 1821Wellow, Somerset, England P6602
3 Coles, Benjamin  Sep 1843Wellow, Somerset, England I56
4 Coles, Charles  Abt 1811Wellow, Somerset, England P7070
5 Coles, Eliza  1846Wellow, Somerset, England I115
6 Coles, Elizabeth Purnell  Abt 1851Wellow, Somerset, England P7056
7 Coles, George  1810Wellow, Somerset, England I72
8 Coles, Henry  Abt 1781Wellow, Somerset, England I59
9 Coles, Henry  Jun 1848Wellow, Somerset, England I118
10 Coles, John  Abt 1851Wellow, Somerset, England I54
11 Coles, Martha  1836Wellow, Somerset, England I117
12 Coles, Mary Ann  1838Wellow, Somerset, England I116
13 Coles, Mary Ann  April 1855Wellow, Somerset, England P7066
14 Coles, William  Abt 1860Wellow, Somerset, England I92
15 Cottle, Ann  Abt 1767Wellow, Somerset, England I1
16 Cottle, Hannah  1762Wellow, Somerset, England I25
17 Cottle, James  1766Wellow, Somerset, England I38
18 Cottle, John  21 May 1740Wellow, Somerset, England I37
19 Cottle, Mary  1771Wellow, Somerset, England I41
20 Cottle, Moses  1779Wellow, Somerset, England I61
21 Cottle, Rebecca  1763Wellow, Somerset, England I39
22 Cottle, Susanna  1776Wellow, Somerset, England I40
23 Cottle, William  06 Apr 1854Wellow, Somerset, England I430
24 Craddock, Edgell G  1860Wellow, Somerset, England I240
25 Craddock, Edgell G  1860Wellow, Somerset, England I197
26 Cradock, Elizabeth Mary  Apr 1857Wellow, Somerset, England I186
27 Curtis, John William  20 Nov 1867Wellow, Somerset, England P4714
28 Dark, Sidney James  Jul 1856Wellow, Somerset, England I201
29 Dix, Albert John Enoch  Apr 1881Wellow, Somerset, England I254
30 Dix, Florence Sophia  18 Aug 1883Wellow, Somerset, England I260
31 Eaton, Charlotte  1823Wellow, Somerset, England P7314
32 Eaton, Harriet  Abt 1820Wellow, Somerset, England P7071
33 Gerrish, Lydia Mary  14 Apr 1866Wellow, Somerset, England P7620
34 Golledge, Amy Florence  7 Sep 1900Wellow, Somerset, England P6140
35 Hillman, Agnes  Jan 1867Wellow, Somerset, England P7395
36 Holvey, Albert  Jan 1890Wellow, Somerset, England I300
37 Holvey, Alfred  Apr 1892Wellow, Somerset, England I241
38 Holvey, Archie  23 Feb 1893Wellow, Somerset, England I296
39 Holvey, Edith  Jan 1891Wellow, Somerset, England I261
40 Holvey, Ernest Victor  30 Oct 1897Wellow, Somerset, England I246
41 Holvey, Florence Lily  Apr 1903Wellow, Somerset, England I276
42 Holvey, Frank  16 Feb 1894Wellow, Somerset, England I267
43 Holvey, Frederick Octavious  Abt 1899Wellow, Somerset, England I288
44 Holvey, Harry  Apr 1892Wellow, Somerset, England I287
45 Holvey, Lucy  Mar 1895Wellow, Somerset, England I257
46 Holvey, Robert James  01 Jan 1900Wellow, Somerset, England I299
47 Howell, Ada  Abt 1870Wellow, Somerset, England I172
48 Howell, Bertha Jane  Jan 1876Wellow, Somerset, England I139
49 Howell, Caroline  1878Wellow, Somerset, England I193
50 Howell, Charles  1883Wellow, Somerset, England I147

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beaven, Mary  Abt 1814Wellow, Somerset, England P8552
2 Chapple, Elizabeth  Apr 1879Wellow, Somerset, England I57
3 Coles, Elizabeth Purnell  Abt 1902Wellow, Somerset, England P7056
4 Coombs, Mary Ann  1900Wellow, Somerset, England I199
5 Craddock, John Merchant  1889Wellow, Somerset, England I185
6 Eaton, Charlotte  Sep 1844Wellow, Somerset, England P7314
7 Eaton, Harriet  Abt 1875Wellow, Somerset, England P7071
8 Hales, Mary  18 Sep 1838Wellow, Somerset, England I86
9 Hanks, Mary  05 Nov 1854Wellow, Somerset, England I8
10 Howell, Charles  1883Wellow, Somerset, England I147
11 Howell, Samuel  1881Wellow, Somerset, England I215
12 Packer, Jane  1888Wellow, Somerset, England I165
13 Slingo, James  23 May 1849Wellow, Somerset, England I45
14 Sumsion, Henry  Oct 1929Wellow, Somerset, England P7045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Beaven, Mary  21 Mar 1814Wellow, Somerset, England P8552
2 Bending, Edward  Wellow, Somerset, England P6306
3 Coles, Elizabeth Purnell  13 May 1902Wellow, Somerset, England P7056
4 Creed, Emma Harriet  Wellow, Somerset, England P6308
5 Eaton, Harriet  20 Mar 1875Wellow, Somerset, England P7071
6 Ponting, Joseph  12 Sep 1822Wellow, Somerset, England I8
7 Ponting, Joseph  12 Sep 1822Wellow, Somerset, England P8551
8 Ponting, Richard  1799Wellow, Somerset, England I12
9 Walters, William  13 Jul 1889Wellow, Somerset, England P7404


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bethel / Ponting  07 Oct 1817Wellow, Somerset, England F3
2 Coles / Eaton  19 Aug 1844Wellow, Somerset, England F3493
3 Hiscock / Cross  24 Nov 1899Wellow, Somerset, England F2627
4 Howell / Packer  1869Wellow, Somerset, England F35
5 Milsom / Beaverstock  25 Dec 1860Wellow, Somerset, England F2569
6 Slingo / White  25 Aug 1839Wellow, Somerset, England F17