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Bath, Somerset, England


Tree: Cruttwell family

Latitude: 51.3758010, Longitude: -2.3599039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Ann  Abt 1808Bath, Somerset, England I209
2 Collinson, Henry William  02 Apr 1815Bath, Somerset, England I4
3 Collison, Florence Haviland  Abt 1876Bath, Somerset, England I11
4 Collison, Florence Marian  Abt 1849Bath, Somerset, England I12
5 Collison, Florence Marian  Apr 1870Bath, Somerset, England I618
6 Collison, Henry William  Oct 1846Bath, Somerset, England I14
7 Collison, Henry William  Apr 1869Bath, Somerset, England I284
8 Collison, Henry William Haviland  Apr 1869Bath, Somerset, England I15
9 Cruttwell, Annie Caroline  30 Dec 1844Bath, Somerset, England I135
10 Cruttwell, Arthur Lewis  16 Nov 1845Bath, Somerset, England I48
11 Cruttwell, Bessie Mariane  Apr 1850Bath, Somerset, England I132
12 Cruttwell, Blanche Myra  Jan 1869Bath, Somerset, England I332
13 Cruttwell, Charles James  Abt 1813Bath, Somerset, England I175
14 Cruttwell, Dr Harry Athill LRCP LRCS JP  Abt 1868Bath, Somerset, England I403
15 Cruttwell, Edward Pelham  Jun 1877Bath, Somerset, England I348
16 Cruttwell, Frederick Robert  30 Jan 1841Bath, Somerset, England I240
17 Cruttwell, Frodsham Hodson  Abt 1849Bath, Somerset, England I133
18 Cruttwell, Georgiana Nightingale  Apr 1855Bath, Somerset, England I130
19 Cruttwell, Grace Maria  04 Apr 1844Bath, Somerset, England I28
20 Cruttwell, Harriet  13 Feb 1811Bath, Somerset, England I29
21 Cruttwell, Harry Edward Shuttleworth  Sep 1846Bath, Somerset, England I134
22 Cruttwell, Isabella Elizabeth  Jul 1840Bath, Somerset, England I223
23 Cruttwell, Jane  17 Sep 1815Bath, Somerset, England I32
24 Cruttwell, John Edward Francis  11 Apr 1793Bath, Somerset, England I34
25 Cruttwell, John Wilson  Apr 1842Bath, Somerset, England I222
26 Cruttwell, Julian Canning  02 Jul 1852Bath, Somerset, England I234
27 Cruttwell, Louisa  Abt 1815Bath, Somerset, England I187
28 Cruttwell, Mary  Abt 1807Bath, Somerset, England I35
29 Cruttwell, Rev Henry Edward  05 Jul 1816Bath, Somerset, England I30
30 Cruttwell, Richard  Abt 1801Bath, Somerset, England I38
31 Cruttwell, Richard Shuttleworth  Abt 1775Bath, Somerset, England I40
32 Cruttwell, Robert  05 Nov 1812Bath, Somerset, England I41
33 Cruttwell, Thomas  Abt 1808Bath, Somerset, England I42
34 Cruttwell, Thomas Harry  18 Aug 1848Bath, Somerset, England I44
35 Cruttwell, Thomas Macaulay  Abt 1777Bath, Somerset, England I45
36 Cruttwell, Thomas Micklem  Jul 1842Bath, Somerset, England I235
37 Cruttwell, Walter Manger Philpotts  Apr 1853Bath, Somerset, England I131
38 Cruttwell, Wilson Clement  06 Aug 1812Bath, Somerset, England I178
39 Crutwell, Charles Edward  31 Oct 1853Bath, Somerset, England I233
40 Crutwell, Fanny Mary  30 Jan 1839Bath, Somerset, England I236
41 Crutwell, George Augustus Everley  16 May 1847Bath, Somerset, England I238
42 Crutwell, Marianne Harriet  15 May 1850Bath, Somerset, England I237
43 Crutwell, Mary Jane  Jan 1838Bath, Somerset, England I49
44 Daniel, Alfred  Abt 1810Bath, Somerset, England I211
45 Daniel, Eliza  23 Dec 1813Bath, Somerset, England I213
46 Daniel, Eliza  23 Dec 1813Bath, Somerset, England I256
47 Daniel, Georgiana  1820Bath, Somerset, England I257
48 Daniel, Georgiana  Abt 1821Bath, Somerset, England I232
49 Daniel, John  Abt 1776Bath, Somerset, England I252
50 Daniel, Rev Alfred  Abt 1810Bath, Somerset, England I218

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballingthwaight, Mary  09 May 1868Bath, Somerset, England I283
2 Collinson, Henry William  Jan 1863Bath, Somerset, England I4
3 Collison, Henry William  Jan 1857Bath, Somerset, England I220
4 Cruttwell, Emily Elizabeth Ann  Mar 1933Bath, Somerset, England I182
5 Cruttwell, Frederick Robert  07 Oct 1891Bath, Somerset, England I240
6 Cruttwell, Hugh Macauley  13 Nov 1958Bath, Somerset, England I319
7 Cruttwell, Isabella Elizabeth  Ap 1841Bath, Somerset, England I223
8 Cruttwell, Richard Shuttleworth  27 Apr 1843Bath, Somerset, England I40
9 Cruttwell, Robert  02 Aug 1858Bath, Somerset, England I41
10 Cruttwell, Thomas Macaulay  Oct 1848Bath, Somerset, England I45
11 Daniel, John  1827Bath, Somerset, England I252
12 Daniel, John  Abt 1827Bath, Somerset, England I229
13 Dawson, Ann  23 Apr 1848Bath, Somerset, England I153
14 Eykyn, Richard  14 Jan 1856Bath, Somerset, England I369
15 Freame, Frances Emily  15 Feb 1896Bath, Somerset, England I323
16 George, Charlotte  Jul 1827Bath, Somerset, England I51
17 George, Thomas Marmaduke  02 Feb 1834Bath, Somerset, England I143
18 Gethyn, Bridget  1828Bath, Somerset, England I142
19 Gilson, Sally Cookson  19 Jan 1879Bath, Somerset, England I170
20 Haviland, John  07 Aug 1865Bath, Somerset, England I275
21 Hill, James  Jul 1864Bath, Somerset, England I295
22 Hodkinson, Albert  30 Dec 1980Bath, Somerset, England I666
23 Noad, Humphrey Minchin  07 Mar 1845Bath, Somerset, England I243
24 Sanders, Anna Maria  05 Jun 1901Bath, Somerset, England I171
25 Sanders, Thomas  19 Jul 1866Bath, Somerset, England I169
26 Schusler, Benjamin  Oct 1838Bath, Somerset, England I208
27 Shuttleworth, Anne  1826Bath, Somerset, England I57


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Crutwell  Jan 1858Bath, Somerset, England F89
2 Collinson / Cruttwell  12 Jun 1838Bath, Somerset, England F3
3 Cruttwell /   1800Bath, Somerset, England F40
4 Cruttwell /   Jul 1841Bath, Somerset, England F41
5 Cruttwell / George  Abt 1800Bath, Somerset, England F9
6 Cruttwell / Wilson  16 Oct 1835Bath, Somerset, England F11
7 Daniel / Turner  11 Jul 1807Bath, Somerset, England F47
8 Daniel / Turner  11 Jul 1807Bath, Somerset, England F49
9 Hill / Crutwell  Jan 1858Bath, Somerset, England F57
10 Teale / Cruttwell  23 Jan 1867Bath, Somerset, England F58