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Derbyshire, England


Tree: PTN family maze

Latitude: 53.0259, Longitude: -1.4911


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barlow (Barley), Robert  Abt 1529Derbyshire, England I1355 PTN family maze 
2 Cavendish, George Augustus Henry 1st Earl of Burlington  21 Mar 1754Derbyshire, England I3354 PTN family maze 
3 Cavendish, Henry  Abt 1580Derbyshire, England I1457 PTN family maze 
4 Cavendish, Hon William  10 Jan 1783Derbyshire, England I11676 PTN family maze 
5 Cavendish, Lady Elizabeth  24 Apr 1723Derbyshire, England I3034 PTN family maze 
6 Manners, Lady Gertrude Countess of Shrewsbury  Abt 1525Derbyshire, England I1461 PTN family maze 
7 Manners, Sir George MP  1560Derbyshire, England I3907 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barlow (Barley), Robert  24 Dec 1544Derbyshire, England I1355 PTN family maze 
2 Cavendish, Lord George Henry MP  23 Sep 1880Derbyshire, England I11674 PTN family maze 
3 Manners, John 8th Earl of Rutland  29 Sep 1679Derbyshire, England I3908 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cavendish, Hon William  28 Jan 1812Derbyshire, England I11676 PTN family maze 
2 Cavendish, William  8 Jun 1720Derbyshire, England I1448 PTN family maze 
3 Coke, Col Edward Thomas  1 Mar 1888Derbyshire, England I1369 PTN family maze 
4 Coke, D'Ewes  18 Mar 1856Derbyshire, England I1370 PTN family maze 
5 Coke, Robert  26 Jan 1713Derbyshire, England I2257 PTN family maze 
6 Crewe, The Hon Catherine Lady Harpur  24 Jan 1744Derbyshire, England I1832 PTN family maze 
7 Greville, Lady Frances Elizabeth Lady Frances Harpur  16 Apr 1825Derbyshire, England I1778 PTN family maze 
8 Guest, John  31 Mar 1832Derbyshire, England I12121 PTN family maze 
9 Heywood, Hannah  3 Oct 1818Derbyshire, England I1608 PTN family maze 
10 Marsh, William  10 Jul 1875Derbyshire, England I12113 PTN family maze 
11 O'Callaghan, Hon Louisa  23 Apr 1863Derbyshire, England I11677 PTN family maze 
12 Pole, Rev Edward Sacheverell  26 Jan 1824Derbyshire, England I3395 PTN family maze 
13 Revel, Francis  25 Mar 1755Derbyshire, England I12124 PTN family maze 
14 Tyrell, Mary  7 May 1734Derbyshire, England I1451 PTN family maze 
15 Whitaker, Mary  19 Sep 1865Derbyshire, England I12114 PTN family maze 
16 Wright, Harriet  29 Oct 1815Derbyshire, England I1371 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harpur, Sir Henry 1st Baronet  Derbyshire, England I835 PTN family maze 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ballidon (Ballyngdon) / Coke  19 Nov 1662Derbyshire, England F1048 PTN family maze 
2 Gervas (Jervas) / Revel  27 Nov 1759Derbyshire, England F6077 PTN family maze 
3 Harpur / Faunt (Font)  Dec 1609Derbyshire, England F338 PTN family maze 
4 Harpur / Willoughby  17 Sep 1674Derbyshire, England F809 PTN family maze 
5 Manners / Sherard  1 Jan 1713Derbyshire, England F5664 PTN family maze 
6 Pole / Bingham  4 Sep 1787Derbyshire, England F1764 PTN family maze