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Clifton, Gloucestershire, England


Tree: PTN family maze

Latitude: 51.4616, Longitude: -2.6203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beck, William Matthew  6 Oct 1863Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10354 PTN family maze 
2 Cotterell, Margaret Mary  21 Mar 1898Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10436 PTN family maze 
3 Cruickshank, Arthur Benjamin  April 1856Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10456 PTN family maze 
4 Daubeney, Capt Charles William DSO  Jan 1860Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I844 PTN family maze 
5 Daubeny, George Matthews  Abt 1800Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I2229 PTN family maze 
6 Denham, Frances William Henry  Jul 1887Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I4744 PTN family maze 
7 Gibbs, Annie Jane  Abt 1859Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10025 PTN family maze 
8 Gibbs, Clara Ellen  10 Nov 1861Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10024 PTN family maze 
9 Harding, Herbert William  Jan 1871Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9452 PTN family maze 
10 Mundy, Gladys May  25 Jun 1906Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I7391 PTN family maze 
11 Nash, Mary Anna  8 Oct 1853Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I895 PTN family maze 
12 Oakes, Elizabeth  28 Nov 1869Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10292 PTN family maze 
13 Payton, Edwin Samuel  23 Jul 1863Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I12038 PTN family maze 
14 Pinney, Charles  23 Apr 1793Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3575 PTN family maze 
15 Pinney, Mary Jane  1832Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3577 PTN family maze 
16 Pinney, Rev John Charles  20 May 1835Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3574 PTN family maze 
17 Rowsell, John  April 1875Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I11055 PTN family maze 
18 Russell, Gen Sir Edward Lechmere Graves  Dec 1816Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10371 PTN family maze 
19 Sheppard, Philip Charles  6 Mar 1812Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I11754 PTN family maze 
20 Skrine, Anna Dorothea Mary  20 Mar 1874Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I562 PTN family maze 
21 Statton, Mary Ellen  Jan 1876Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9040 PTN family maze 
22 Stevens, Maria Teresa  26 Oct 1840Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I4859 PTN family maze 
23 Stuart, Charles Andrew Knox 4th Earl Castle Stewart  23 Apr 1810Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3157 PTN family maze 
24 Templeman, Evelin Caroline Rose  April 1872Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9659 PTN family maze 
25 Twigg, George John  Oct 1861Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I1028 PTN family maze 
26 Vaughan Jenkins, Caroline Tiney  Jan 1845Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I2525 PTN family maze 
27 Vowles, Louisa Octavia  Oct 1853Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9057 PTN family maze 
28 Young, Laura Louisa  Abt 1870Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10802 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bayly, Alfred  24 Nov 1876Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I8774 PTN family maze 
2 Brydone, Williamina  24 July 1853Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I11920 PTN family maze 
3 Bury, Hester  27 Jun 1826Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I1317 PTN family maze 
4 Clements, Alicia Countess of Ross  1795Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I1084 PTN family maze 
5 Elliot, Very Rev Gilbert  11 Aug 1891Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I11916 PTN family maze 
6 Embley (Imblay), Elizabeth  Abt 1852Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9191 PTN family maze 
7 Embley (Imblay), George  Jan 1863Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9193 PTN family maze 
8 Everett, Elizabeth  12 Dec 1834Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3582 PTN family maze 
9 Fisher, Frances  30 Mar 1865Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I11836 PTN family maze 
10 Gibbs, John  Abt 1866Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I8117 PTN family maze 
11 Harrold, Elizabeth  Jan 1874Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9504 PTN family maze 
12 Hillyer, Arthur John  Apr 1875Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I4406 PTN family maze 
13 Jones, William James  13 Nov 1873Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I4871 PTN family maze 
14 Noel, Charlotte Margaret  19 Aug 1869Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10883 PTN family maze 
15 Orr Ewing, Dr Hugh James  28 Mar 1987Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3215 PTN family maze 
16 Pinney, Charles  17 Jul 1867Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3575 PTN family maze 
17 Ricketts, Mary Ann  Abt 1865Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10121 PTN family maze 
18 Sanderson, Hannah  15 Jan 1868Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10451 PTN family maze 
19 Shaw, Muriel Isabel  9 Mar 1982Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3218 PTN family maze 
20 Still, Frances Mary  6 Mar 1860Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3576 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bury, Hester  3 Jul 1826Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I1317 PTN family maze 
2 Cleverley, Susannah  27 Nov 1907Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I6805 PTN family maze 
3 Embley (Imblay), Elizabeth  14 May 1852Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9191 PTN family maze 
4 Pinney, Charles  23 Jul 1867Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3575 PTN family maze 
5 Still, Frances Mary  13 Mar 1860Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I3576 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crago, Henry Francis John  July 1876Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9512 PTN family maze 
2 Hendy, Catherine Lavinia  Jul 1876Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9514 PTN family maze 
3 Hillman, Albert Richard  Oct 1869Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I6605 PTN family maze 
4 Lacey, Mary Provis  April 1865Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9920 PTN family maze 
5 Muxworthy Heaman, William  Apr 1865Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9923 PTN family maze 
6 Muxworthy Heaman, William  Apr 1865Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9923 PTN family maze 
7 Parker, Henry  Oct 1871Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I9925 PTN family maze 
8 Yewen, Emily Emma  Oct 1869Clifton, Gloucestershire, England I10074 PTN family maze 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bending / Weeks  4 Jul 1847Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F2940 PTN family maze 
2 Britton / Robbins  27 Nov 1872Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F5707 PTN family maze 
3 Ford / Cope  8 Jan 1885Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F4585 PTN family maze 
4 Gibbs / Hitchens  21 Nov 1852Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F4913 PTN family maze 
5 Hayden / Peach  18 Jun 1874Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F3388 PTN family maze 
6 Hewitt (Hewett) / Maude  15 Apr 1809Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F78 PTN family maze 
7 Hillman / Cook  24 Feb 1873Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F4942 PTN family maze 
8 Hillman / Robinson  22 Nov 1869Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F4941 PTN family maze 
9 Long / Mizen  30 Mar 1879Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F3549 PTN family maze 
10 Moody / Sambrook  25 Dec 1875Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F2512 PTN family maze 
11 Newnham / Townsend  22 Nov 1804Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F1825 PTN family maze 
12 Robins / Hillman  2 Jun 1873Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F4943 PTN family maze 
13 Russell / de Palatiano  3 May 1876Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F5501 PTN family maze 
14 Russell (Rassell) / Clelford  6 Jun 1887Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F3733 PTN family maze 
15 Sansum / Lyons  29 Apr 1918Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F3627 PTN family maze 
16 Saunders / Tower  16 Aug 1864Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F1806 PTN family maze 
17 Tilley / Woodman  17 Jun 1903Clifton, Gloucestershire, England F2389 PTN family maze