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Yeovil, Somerset, England


Tree: Disney Roebuck family

Latitude: 50.9420610, Longitude: -2.6333080

Tree: Hanks, Hague, Stursberg families

Latitude: 50.9420610, Longitude: -2.6333080

Tree: Mines family

Latitude: 50.9420610, Longitude: -2.6333080

Tree: Chapman family

Latitude: 50.9420610, Longitude: -2.6333080

Tree: Cruse family

Latitude: 50.9420610, Longitude: -2.6333080

Tree: Richards family

Latitude: 50.9420610, Longitude: -2.6333080

Tree: Benson, Dudley, Rivington families

Latitude: 50.9420610, Longitude: -2.6333080

Tree: A PTN Combe Down family maze

Latitude: 50.9463, Longitude: -2.6323


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Gertrude Pauline  Abt 1887Yeovil, Somerset, England I125
2 Benson, William Lockwood Maydwell  1866Yeovil, Somerset, England I14870
3 Callow, Leonard Joseph  8 Feb 1908Yeovil, Somerset, England P6787
4 Cox, Elizabeth Eva  1887Yeovil, Somerset, England I635
5 Crocker, Amy Heloise  Apr 1876Yeovil, Somerset, England I149
6 Davis, George  Oct 1845Yeovil, Somerset, England P4268
7 Ford, Fred Thomas Quade  20 Sep 1891Yeovil, Somerset, England P5872
8 Gillett, Ena Lillian Maud  8 Feb 1898Yeovil, Somerset, England P8477
9 Hacker, Francis  Abt 1591Yeovil, Somerset, England I643
10 Hebditch, Hilda Joyce  19 Dec 1902Yeovil, Somerset, England P8235
11 Miles, Dorothy Ada  27 Jun 1913Yeovil, Somerset, England P4413
12 Penny, John Grabham  05 Oct 1858Yeovil, Somerset, England I299
13 Penny, John Grabham  Abt 1849Yeovil, Somerset, England I298
14 Penny, Rev Charles  Abt 1816Yeovil, Somerset, England I307
15 Scriven, Doris Elizabeth  Oct 1908Yeovil, Somerset, England P6784
16 Williams, Sarah  Abt 1789Yeovil, Somerset, England I23


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benson, Bernard Gilpin  23 Apr 1906Yeovil, Somerset, England I14840
2 Benson, Rev John  27 Aug 1860Yeovil, Somerset, England P2075
3 Brooks, Samuel  April 1874Yeovil, Somerset, England P6661
4 Callow, Leonard Joseph  7 July 2000Yeovil, Somerset, England P6787
5 Crocker, John Board  Jan 1882Yeovil, Somerset, England I236
6 Cruse, John  Mar 1920Yeovil, Somerset, England I20
7 Davidge, Edward  12 May 1958Yeovil, Somerset, England P4345
8 Fisher, Dorothy Flora  Dec 1997Yeovil, Somerset, England P5202
9 Francis, Selena  1863Yeovil, Somerset, England P6821
10 Gilpin, Henrietta Emily  Jul 1880Yeovil, Somerset, England I14835
11 Gilpin, Henrietta Emily  24 Sep 1880Yeovil, Somerset, England P2066
12 Guise, Jane Charlotte  03 Jan 1886Yeovil, Somerset, England I17194
13 Guise, Jane Charlotte  3 Jan 1886Yeovil, Somerset, England P2058
14 Hamlet, James  4 Feb 1947Yeovil, Somerset, England P7403
15 Hodges, Eric Henry  10 Oct 1993Yeovil, Somerset, England I396
16 Micklewright, Laura Henrietta  Oct 1932Yeovil, Somerset, England P5523
17 Miles, Alfred George Edward  Apr 1992Yeovil, Somerset, England P4414
18 Miles, Dorothy Ada  11 May 1987Yeovil, Somerset, England P4413
19 Penny, John Grabham  Abt 1850Yeovil, Somerset, England I298
20 Plowman, William Gilbert  Sep 1969Yeovil, Somerset, England I154
21 Prescott, Phyllis May  Dec 2000Yeovil, Somerset, England P5556
22 Pringle, John Courtright  Nov 1999Yeovil, Somerset, England P8285
23 Smith, George  7 Aug 1948Yeovil, Somerset, England P5658
24 Smith, Ivy Maud  3 Jun 1995Yeovil, Somerset, England P5661
25 Stephens, William Thomas  Apr 1984Yeovil, Somerset, England P7586
26 Wimbush, Kenneth Scott  Apr 1993Yeovil, Somerset, England I416
27 Wise, Ada  Oct 1966Yeovil, Somerset, England P4415


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gilpin, Frances  27 Jan 1865Yeovil, Somerset, England I14791
2 Gilpin, Frances  27 Jan 1865Yeovil, Somerset, England P2063
3 Guise, Jane Charlotte  7 Jan 1886Yeovil, Somerset, England P2058


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Crocker  Jul 1858Yeovil, Somerset, England F68
2 Callow / Miles  Oct 1945Yeovil, Somerset, England F3236
3 Harding /   Jul 1858Yeovil, Somerset, England F71
4 Jackson / Hebditch  Jul 1929Yeovil, Somerset, England F4047
5 Miles / Scriven  Apr 1931Yeovil, Somerset, England F3233
6 Plowman / -  Jul 1908Yeovil, Somerset, England F36