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Westminster, London, England


Tree: Bates family

Latitude: 51.5001754, Longitude: -0.1332326

Tree: Harris family

Latitude: 51.5001754, Longitude: -0.1332326

Tree: Bryan, Daubeney, Fortt, Gore, Howard, Montagu, Richardson families

Latitude: 51.4974948, Longitude: -0.1356583

Tree: Hope, Morley families

Latitude: 51.4974948, Longitude: -0.1356583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldous, Frederick Gray  Abt 1851Westminster, London, England I521
2 Allin, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1720Westminster, London, England I150
3 Allin, Nicholas  Abt 1690Westminster, London, England I143
4 Bates, Joseph  24 Jul 1730Westminster, London, England I94
5 Bates, Richard  31 Mar 1691Westminster, London, England I145
6 Beauclerk, Topham Lord Beauclerc of Ardglass  22 Dec 1739Westminster, London, England I337
7 Bourke (Burke), Maria Rebecca  Abt 1767Westminster, London, England I2
8 Burrell, Emily Jane  31 Mar 1858Westminster, London, England I415
9 Butcher, Mary Durance  19 Feb 1791Westminster, London, England I55
10 Clough, Arabella  1694Westminster, London, England I200
11 Daniell, Alice Mary  21 May 1842Westminster, London, England I241
12 Gosset, Matthew John Alfred  22 Jun 1837Westminster, London, England I494
13 Gosset, Russell F  Abt 1850Westminster, London, England I491
14 Granet, Capt. Charles William Trevor Prince  22 Nov 1812Westminster, London, England I256
15 Harbord, Sir Edward Vernon 4th Baron Suffield  19 Jun 1813Westminster, London, England I488
16 Harbord, The Hon Georgiana Mary  23 Jun 1816Westminster, London, England I489
17 Hays, Mary Ann  Abt 1837Westminster, London, England I713
18 Heal, Martha  28 Nov 1805Westminster, London, England I47
19 Hemming, George Wirgman QC  19 Aug 1821Westminster, London, England I372
20 Hooley, Timothy Jolyon  07 Dec 1933Westminster, London, England I461
21 Jayne, William  24 Feb 1837Westminster, London, England I131
22 Keppel, George  14 Oct 1865Westminster, London, England I17548
23 Maberly, William John  10 Sep 1798Westminster, London, England I215
24 Manly, Caroline Kezia  Abt 1822Westminster, London, England I266
25 Maude, Antonia Lillian  03 May 1864Westminster, London, England I447
26 Maude, Gerald Edward  12 Jun 1851Westminster, London, England I412
27 Maude, Lady Antonia Lillian  03 May 1864Westminster, London, England I429
28 Maude, Lady Leucha Diana  Abt 1861Westminster, London, England I430
29 Maude, Leucha Diana  1860Westminster, London, England I454
30 Merriman, Hannah Eliza  14 May 1811Westminster, London, England I306
31 Montague, Herbert Maxmillian  Apr 1850Westminster, London, England I240
32 Montague, Herbert Maxmillian  Apr 1850Westminster, London, England I50
33 Morley, Charles Joseph  27 Nov 1847Westminster, London, England I16884
34 Nash, Louisa  Abt 1862Westminster, London, England I68
35 Nightingale, William  24 Dec 1816Westminster, London, England I39
36 Nightingale, William Ridgley  11 Mar 1844Westminster, London, England I41
37 Ovey, Susanna  1737Westminster, London, England I33
38 Pearson, Sir Edwin FRS  20 May 1802Westminster, London, England I860
39 Pease, Edward  24 Jun 1834Westminster, London, England I2232
40 Plantagenet, Edward "Longshanks" King Edward I King of England Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine  17 Jun 1239Westminster, London, England I504
41 Salter, Amy Elizabeth  Abt 1862Westminster, London, England I615
42 Salter, Celia Catherine  Apr 1860Westminster, London, England I629
43 Salter, Stephen Thomas  1858Westminster, London, England I628
44 Stevenson, Sarah Ann  Jul 1856Westminster, London, England I286
45 Storr, Sophia  07 Dec 1831Westminster, London, England I2040
46 Toovey, Arthur Wilfred  20 Jun 1883Westminster, London, England I583
47 Vernon, The Hon Georgiana Lady Suffield  09 Jan 1788Westminster, London, England I491
48 Vezey, Henry John  Oct 1840Westminster, London, England I26
49 Wentworth, Lady Anne  25 Mar 1712Westminster, London, England I74
50 Wentworth, Lady Harriet Henrietta  26 Nov 1719Westminster, London, England I84

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Harry Percy  07 Apr 1930Westminster, London, England I218
2 Adams, Kathleen Mildred  Feb 1987Westminster, London, England I557
3 Atherton, Mary Ann  31 Jan 1826Westminster, London, England I11
4 Barry, Frank Russell  Dec 1976Westminster, London, England I624
5 Cubitt, Jeremy John  12 Jan 1958Westminster, London, England I17536
6 Dagger, James  1916Westminster, London, England I68
7 Delaval, Edward Hussey  14 Aug 1814Westminster, London, England I177
8 Feilding, Mary Margaret Duchess of Hamilton Countess of Arran  10 May 1638Westminster, London, England I664
9 Hamilton, Gen. Sir James 1st Duke of Hamilton Marquis of Clydesdale Earl  09 Mar 1649Westminster, London, England I673
10 Harbord, Edward 3rd Baron Suffield  06 Jul 1835Westminster, London, England I495
11 Hewitt, Lady Isabella  19 Mar 1924Westminster, London, England I745
12 Holland, John 1st Duke of Exeter 1st Earl of Huntingdon KG  16 Jan 1400Westminster, London, England I695
13 Hurley, Maude  Abt 1972Westminster, London, England I641
14 Keatch, Millicent Mary  Jun 1936Westminster, London, England I710
15 Kitson, Rev Arthur John  05 May 1951Westminster, London, England I345
16 Lennox, Lady Sarah  30 Aug 1826Westminster, London, England I52
17 Merriman, Dr. Samuel  22 Nov 1852Westminster, London, England I303
18 Nash, Alice  04 Apr 1874Westminster, London, England I234
19 Nash, Emily  11 Feb 1864Westminster, London, England I233
20 Palmer-Morewood, Georgiana Millicent  15 Jan 1939Westminster, London, England I133
21 Parker, Ronald Francis  09 Mar 1959Westminster, London, England I1594
22 Pelham, Charles Alfred Worsley 4th Earl of Yarborough  12 Jul 1936Westminster, London, England I1164
23 Pennant, The Hon Winifred Douglas  Dec 1972Westminster, London, England I1322
24 Plantagenet (The Black Prince), Edward Prince of Wales Duc de Guyenne Duc d'Aquitaine KG  08 Jun 1376Westminster, London, England I693
25 Wentworth, Lady Lucy  27 Apr 1771Westminster, London, England I87
26 Wimbush, Roland Crosley  18 Mar 1964Westminster, London, England I480


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Mary Countess of Buckingham  Westminster, London, England I648
2 Castille, Eleonora of Queen consort of England Countess of Ponthieu  16 Dec 1290Westminster, London, England I558
3 Feilding, Mary Margaret Duchess of Hamilton Countess of Arran  Westminster, London, England I664
4 Plantagenet, Alfonso  Westminster, London, England I565
5 Plantagenet, Berengaria  Westminster, London, England I518
6 Plantagenet, Edward "Longshanks" King Edward I King of England Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine  Westminster, London, England I504
7 Plantagenet, Eleanor  Westminster, London, England I520
8 Plantagenet, Isabella  Westminster, London, England I566
9 Plantagenet, John  Westminster, London, England I521
10 Plantagenet, Katherine  Westminster, London, England I570
11 Plantagenet, William Prince of England Duke of Windsor  Westminster, London, England I569
12 Plantagenet de la Tour, Blanche Princess of England  Westminster, London, England I652
13 Plantagenet of Woodstock, Thomas Prince of England 1st Duke of Gloucester 1st Earl of Buckingham 1st Earl of Essex KG  Westminster, London, England I694
14 Princess of England, Beatrice  Westminster, London, England I567
15 Villiers, Sir George  Westminster, London, England I650
16 Wilberforce, Ven Albert Basil Orme  Westminster, London, England I153


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Atkinson  Jun 1945Westminster, London, England F288
2 / Becket  Jul 1844Westminster, London, England F25
3 / Boag  Dec 1952Westminster, London, England F139
4 / Johnson  Oct 1884Westminster, London, England F134
5 / Kent  Jun 1934Westminster, London, England F303
6 / Newman  Sep 1947Westminster, London, England F160
7 / Wentworth  28 Apr 1733Westminster, London, England F34
8 Allen / Carteret  17 Dec 1763Westminster, London, England F49
9 Allen / Holder  24 Mar 1736Westminster, London, England F1
10 Atkinson / Carey  Sep 1951Westminster, London, England F285
11 Barry / Poliakoff  Sep 1944Westminster, London, England F157
12 Breakwell /   Jun 1945Westminster, London, England F290
13 Breakwell / Atkinson  Jun 1945Westminster, London, England F279
14 Brooking / Langford  Oct 1870Westminster, London, England F66
15 Brown / Johnson  Oct 1884Westminster, London, England F129
16 Buckeridge / Levingstone  13 Oct 1679Westminster, London, England F147
17 Campbell / Mitcheson  21 Jul 1914Westminster, London, England F83
18 Conolly / Bourke (Burke)  04 Mar 1784Westminster, London, England F2
19 Conolly / Wentworth  28 Apr 1733Westminster, London, England F21
20 Considine / Perez  17 Jan 1866Westminster, London, England F38
21 Douglas / Fitzroy  06 Aug 1833Westminster, London, England F46
22 Eykyn / Vestey  Mar 1955Westminster, London, England F260
23 Griffin Neville Braybrooke / Maude  09 Oct 1849Westminster, London, England F267
24 Haig / Dundas  03 Oct 1906Westminster, London, England F97
25 Hannington /   Jun 1963Westminster, London, England F47
26 Harbord / Schenley  Jul 1865Westminster, London, England F95
27 Hayter /   Oct 1870Westminster, London, England F89
28 Kearley / Keatch  Mar 1933Westminster, London, England F239
29 Levick /   Jun 1934Westminster, London, England F301
30 Malleson / Withy  21 Apr 1796Westminster, London, England F20
31 Marlow / Reece  01 Jul 1868Westminster, London, England F97
32 Marlow / Reece  01 Jul 1868Westminster, London, England F70
33 Maude / Bruce  08 Jul 1811Westminster, London, England F90
34 McFarlane /   Sep 1947Westminster, London, England F166
35 Metcalfe / Wyatt  Sep 1911Westminster, London, England F222
36 Neville / Cornwallis  13 May 1819Westminster, London, England F268
37 Partridge / Wilks  Mar 1962Westminster, London, England F265
38 Shand / Cubitt  02 Jan 1946Westminster, London, England F5685
39 Shipley /   Jan 1909Westminster, London, England F267
40 Short / Cruse  Dec 1933Westminster, London, England F24
41 Staveley / Skrine  1937Westminster, London, England F58
42 Swain / Ottaway  30 Jul 1841Westminster, London, England F30
43 Vezey /   Jul 1844Westminster, London, England F24
44 Young / Hacket  20 Oct 1868Westminster, London, England F35