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Stepney, Middlesex, England


Tree: Disney Roebuck family

Latitude: 51.5166334, Longitude: -0.0768815

Tree: Allen, Bennet, Maude families

Latitude: 51.5166334, Longitude: -0.0768815

Tree: Layton, Hadley families

Latitude: 51.5166334, Longitude: -0.0768815

Tree: Dyer family

Latitude: 51.5166422, Longitude: -0.0768498

Tree: Aslat family

Latitude: 51.5166422, Longitude: -0.0768498

Tree: Palethorpe family

Latitude: 51.5166422, Longitude: -0.0768498

Tree: Street, Nowell families

Latitude: 51.5166422, Longitude: -0.0768498

Tree: Bryan, Daubeney, Fortt, Gore, Howard, Montagu, Richardson families

Latitude: 51.5167880, Longitude: -0.0417350


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aslat, Anthony O.  Abt 1779Stepney, Middlesex, England I3
2 Aslat, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Stepney, Middlesex, England I4
3 Aslat, Mary  Abt 1810Stepney, Middlesex, England I5
4 Aslat, William  Abt 1809Stepney, Middlesex, England I6
5 Bebber, Frances Van  Abt 1889Stepney, Middlesex, England I274
6 Brewer, Charles  17 Jul 1797Stepney, Middlesex, England I655
7 Buckett, Phyllis Blanche  06 Jun 1909Stepney, Middlesex, England I115
8 Coppeard, Charles Reeve  Abt 1856Stepney, Middlesex, England I129
9 Coppeard, Jane Mary Ann  1851Stepney, Middlesex, England I230
10 Coppeard, Richard William Henry  17 Jun 1853Stepney, Middlesex, England I124
11 Costar, Maud Mary  Jul 1880Stepney, Middlesex, England I451
12 Hayden, Elizabeth  Mar 1891Stepney, Middlesex, England I294
13 Hayden, John  Sep 1896Stepney, Middlesex, England I297
14 Higgs, William  Abt 1831Stepney, Middlesex, England I47
15 Hore, Eliza Walker  Abt 1810Stepney, Middlesex, England I269
16 Ibrooke, Mary Ann  Abt 1813Stepney, Middlesex, England I146
17 Littlefield, James Churcher  17 Sep 1810Stepney, Middlesex, England I46
18 Littlefield, Sarah Ann  15 Oct 1812Stepney, Middlesex, England I44
19 Morgan, Alice Margaret  03 Apr 1885Stepney, Middlesex, England I117
20 Morgan, Edith Mary  09 Feb 1883Stepney, Middlesex, England I150
21 Perryman, Mary Ann Palmer  Abt 1830Stepney, Middlesex, England I180
22 Philbrick, Janet  11 Oct 1861Stepney, Middlesex, England I184
23 Philbrick, Maryann  08 Jul 1851Stepney, Middlesex, England I183
24 Priest, Alice Margaret  24 Oct 1857Stepney, Middlesex, England I168
25 Priest, Charles Albert  25 Apr 1855Stepney, Middlesex, England I167
26 Priest, Edmund Francis  12 Mar 1865Stepney, Middlesex, England I227
27 Priest, Fanny Louisa  30 Sep 1862Stepney, Middlesex, England I226
28 Priest, Herbert Frederick  02 Feb 1860Stepney, Middlesex, England I166
29 Rudkins, Rosa Christiana  09 Aug 1863Stepney, Middlesex, England I278
30 Sewell, Edward  Abt 1831Stepney, Middlesex, England I13
31 Sewell, Jessie  Abt 1828Stepney, Middlesex, England I8


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dyer, Richard Warren  Oct 1849Stepney, Middlesex, England I60
2 Hoare, Eustace Benyon  09 Jul 1961Stepney, Middlesex, England I298
3 Holland, John  05 Aug 1447Stepney, Middlesex, England I586
4 Layton, Margaret Ann  1815Stepney, Middlesex, England I83
5 Vezey, Mary Ann  05 Jan 1870Stepney, Middlesex, England I29


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bryan, Josiah  18 Oct 1722Stepney, Middlesex, England I472
2 Dyer, Richard Warren  05 Dec 1849Stepney, Middlesex, England I60
3 Layton, Margaret Ann  24 May 1815Stepney, Middlesex, England I83


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrett / Ettling  25 Feb 1871Stepney, Middlesex, England F42
2 Brewer / Kilbinton  10 Apr 1777Stepney, Middlesex, England F160
3 Hayden / Webb  12 Aug 1888Stepney, Middlesex, England F89
4 Langford / Willshire  26 Dec 1696Stepney, Middlesex, England F76
5 Sandford / Deuchars  12 Jun 1781Stepney, Middlesex, England F79