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Sherborne, Dorset, England


Tree: Allen, Bennet, Maude families

Latitude: 50.9478220, Longitude: -2.5144829

Tree: Cruttwell family

Latitude: 50.9478220, Longitude: -2.5144829

Tree: Jupe family

Latitude: 50.9478220, Longitude: -2.5144829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crocker, Sarah E  Abt 1836Sherborne, Dorset, England I234
2 Crocker, William Henry Down  Abt 1831Sherborne, Dorset, England I233
3 Cruttwell, Ann  Abt 1766Sherborne, Dorset, England I129
4 Cruttwell, James  Abt 1772Sherborne, Dorset, England I162
5 Cruttwell, Martha  Abt 1768Sherborne, Dorset, England I120
6 Cruttwell, Rev Richard  Abt 1776Sherborne, Dorset, England I161
7 Cruttwell, William  Abt 1770Sherborne, Dorset, England I77
8 Lawse, Margaret  Abt 1501Sherborne, Dorset, England I713
9 Marsh, Henry  Abt 1867Sherborne, Dorset, England I398
10 Shuttleworth, Anne  1745Sherborne, Dorset, England I57
11 Shuttleworth, Digby  18 Jul 1754Sherborne, Dorset, England I118
12 Shuttleworth, Penelope  16 Jul 1753Sherborne, Dorset, England I117
13 Shuttleworth, Sarah  12 Feb 1760Sherborne, Dorset, England I116
14 Wickham, Martha  Abt 1733Sherborne, Dorset, England I58
15 Wickham, Richard  Abt 1710Sherborne, Dorset, England I76


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Card, Henry Albert  29 Apr 1885Sherborne, Dorset, England I203
2 Cowles, Olive Helen Violet  Mar 1989Sherborne, Dorset, England I677
3 Cruttwell, Ann  Abt 1822Sherborne, Dorset, England I129
4 Cruttwell, William  06 Dec 1804Sherborne, Dorset, England I47
5 Falkner, Dorothea Savigny  30 Jan 1952Sherborne, Dorset, England I127
6 Heal, John Christopher  24 Nov 1985Sherborne, Dorset, England I391
7 McMahon, Frances Mary Holford  18 Jun 1926Sherborne, Dorset, England I74
8 Staveley, Cecil Minet  27 May 1934Sherborne, Dorset, England I218
9 Wickham, Martha  1823Sherborne, Dorset, England I58


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cruttwell, Ann  24 Oct 1822Sherborne, Dorset, England I129
2 Cruttwell, William  11 Dec 1804Sherborne, Dorset, England I47
3 Wickham, Martha  03 Dec 1823Sherborne, Dorset, England I58


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cruttwell / Shuttleworth  11 Nov 1772Sherborne, Dorset, England F8
2 Cruttwell / Wickham  26 Dec 1764Sherborne, Dorset, England F14
3 Marsh / Chitty  1894Sherborne, Dorset, England F112