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Ealing, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buttrum, Edith Constanse  Abt 1904Ealing, Middlesex, England I118
2 Buttrum, Elsie Frances  Abt 1901Ealing, Middlesex, England I120
3 Buttrum, Mabel Kate  Abt 1902Ealing, Middlesex, England I119
4 Cleaver, Digley C  28 Apr 1898Ealing, Middlesex, England I680
5 Cleaver, Margaret Valerie  20 Oct 1891Ealing, Middlesex, England I681
6 Fountain, Edith Alice  April 1854Ealing, Middlesex, England P3184
7 Fulton, Beryl Helen  06 Nov 1894Ealing, Middlesex, England I164
8 Fulton, Cecil John  Abt 1896Ealing, Middlesex, England I231
9 Fulton, Mary Ruth Lampor  Abt 1893Ealing, Middlesex, England I229
10 Harpur, Sir Henry 6th Baronet  24 Jun 1739Ealing, Middlesex, England P1819
11 South, Florence Madeline  Abt 1874Ealing, Middlesex, England I226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becks, William Weston  16 Nov 1950Ealing, Middlesex, England I604
2 Benson, Ernest Bernard Rivington  06 Feb 1982Ealing, Middlesex, England I13899
3 Benson, Ernest Bernard Rivington  6 Feb 1982Ealing, Middlesex, England P2090
4 Brinkworth, Bessie Jane  Abt 1970Ealing, Middlesex, England P5482
5 Cunard, Veronica May  11 Feb 1985Ealing, Middlesex, England P1508
6 Fisher, Norman George  Abt 1975Ealing, Middlesex, England P4954
7 Gilders, Eliza Beatrice  24 Aug 1979Ealing, Middlesex, England I183
8 Hand, Edith May  4 Jul 1962Ealing, Middlesex, England P5860
9 Hope, Lilian  6 Jul 1964Ealing, Middlesex, England P2878
10 Hotchkin, William Lambert  26 Dec 1909Ealing, Middlesex, England I56
11 Humphries, Albert Theodore  Jun 1960Ealing, Middlesex, England I162
12 Lee, Alfred Theophilus  19 Jul 1883Ealing, Middlesex, England I2172
13 Maude, Maurice Douglas  Mar 1953Ealing, Middlesex, England I195
14 Mizen, Arthur H  Jun 1960Ealing, Middlesex, England I130
15 Moody, Basil  11 Oct 1963Ealing, Middlesex, England I319
16 Nowell, Herbert William  12 Nov 1957Ealing, Middlesex, England P6824
17 Payne, Ada Frances  Mar 1949Ealing, Middlesex, England I547
18 Ponsford, Charlotte Elizabeth  Dec 1917Ealing, Middlesex, England I31
19 Puckett, Charles Edward  25 Jan 1968Ealing, Middlesex, England P7683
20 Walker, Violet  Abt 1953Ealing, Middlesex, England P7682
21 Willmott, Nancy Mimi  Apr 1989Ealing, Middlesex, England P7678
22 Wilmot, Robert  12 Dec 1772Ealing, Middlesex, England I1928


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brinkworth, Bessie Jane  Ealing, Middlesex, England P5482
2 Conolly, Sir John  Ealing, Middlesex, England I119
3 Fisher, Norman George  13 Nov 1975Ealing, Middlesex, England P4954
4 Nowell, Joseph  5 Aug 1884Ealing, Middlesex, England P5144
5 Walker, Violet  10 Sep 1953Ealing, Middlesex, England P7682


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Giggs / Gill  Oct 1953Ealing, Middlesex, England F3399
2 Harpur / Greville  17 Jul 1762Ealing, Middlesex, England F804
3 Heal / Dolamore  19 Nov 1869Ealing, Middlesex, England F83