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Winsley, Wiltshire, England


Tree: Vaughan Jenkins family

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Cruttwell family

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Jupe family

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Cook family

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Hanks, Hague, Stursberg families

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Miller family

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Jordan family

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Bates family

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020

Tree: Bryan, Daubeney, Fortt, Gore, Howard, Montagu, Richardson families

Latitude: 51.3474350, Longitude: -2.2863020


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Broad, Betsy  Abt 1759Winsley, Wiltshire, England I172
2 Broad, James  1719Winsley, Wiltshire, England I154
3 Broad, Jane  Abt 1765Winsley, Wiltshire, England I138
4 Broad, Richard  Abt 1762Winsley, Wiltshire, England I153
5 Cruttwell, Hugh Macauley  Mar 1872Winsley, Wiltshire, England I319
6 Dagger, Aaron  1741Winsley, Wiltshire, England I230
7 Dagger, Ann  1732Winsley, Wiltshire, England I219
8 Dagger, Ann  1737Winsley, Wiltshire, England I202
9 Dagger, James  1748Winsley, Wiltshire, England I305
10 Dagger, Jane  1746Winsley, Wiltshire, England I345
11 Dagger, John  1736Winsley, Wiltshire, England I255
12 Dagger, Mary  1744Winsley, Wiltshire, England I321
13 Dagger, Sarah  1750Winsley, Wiltshire, England I228
14 Dagger, Thomas  1702Winsley, Wiltshire, England I223
15 Dagger, Thomas  1734Winsley, Wiltshire, England I330
16 Dagger, William  1756Winsley, Wiltshire, England I302
17 Garton, Catherine Emma  4 Sep 1878Winsley, Wiltshire, England P4647
18 Hanks, Emanuel  Sep 1839Winsley, Wiltshire, England I52
19 Hanks, Harriet  29 Apr 1807Winsley, Wiltshire, England I4
20 Hanks, Jacob  12 Apr 1801Winsley, Wiltshire, England I6
21 Heal, Ambrose  Abt 1776Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7330
22 Heal, Frederick Ambrose  Abt 1840Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7060
23 Heal, Joan  Abt 1778Winsley, Wiltshire, England I144
24 Heal, John  Abt 1775Winsley, Wiltshire, England I43
25 Heal, John Lea  Abt 1810Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7328
26 Heal, Richard  23 Apr 1773Winsley, Wiltshire, England I139
27 Herring, Mary Elizabeth  03 Oct 1878Winsley, Wiltshire, England I128
28 Herring, Valentina Emily  Jan 1883Winsley, Wiltshire, England I137
29 Herring, William John Morris  Mar 1885Winsley, Wiltshire, England I130
30 Howard, Ellen E  Abt 1889Winsley, Wiltshire, England I1261
31 Howard, Ellen Elizabeth  Jan 1889Winsley, Wiltshire, England P882
32 Howard, Rev Richard Nelson  October 1887Winsley, Wiltshire, England P881
33 Howard, Rev Richard Nelson  Abt 1888Winsley, Wiltshire, England I1278
34 Mees, Sarah  Abt 1799Winsley, Wiltshire, England I10
35 Rushton, Ann  Abt 1786Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7331
36 Stone, Eliza  Abt 1826Winsley, Wiltshire, England I165
37 Sumsion, Alban  Oct 1853Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7042
38 Sumsion, Francis  Abt 1848Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7037
39 Sumsion, Henry  Abt 1849Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7038
40 Sumsion, William  1843Winsley, Wiltshire, England P5383
41 Tucker, Ann  Abt 1821Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7036
42 Williams, Alfred  Abt 1877Winsley, Wiltshire, England P5733


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Byfield, Sibill  Nov 1784Winsley, Wiltshire, England I323
2 Dagger, Ann  1742Winsley, Wiltshire, England I202
3 Dagger, Ann  04 May 1777Winsley, Wiltshire, England I219
4 Dagger, Sarah  19 May 1752Winsley, Wiltshire, England I228
5 Dagger, Thomas  Jan 1786Winsley, Wiltshire, England I223
6 Dagger, William  29 Mar 1802Winsley, Wiltshire, England I302
7 Davis, Sarah Frances  20 Jun 1851Winsley, Wiltshire, England I166
8 Edwards, Prudence  Jul 1809Winsley, Wiltshire, England I2
9 Fisher, Elsie Winifred A  Nov 1997Winsley, Wiltshire, England P5237
10 Hanks, William  22 Sep 1807Winsley, Wiltshire, England I13
11 Hanks, William  02 Sep 1838Winsley, Wiltshire, England I11
12 Heal, Ambrose  April 1848Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7330
13 Heal, John  Abt 1822Winsley, Wiltshire, England P1559
14 Heal, Richard  Abt 1851Winsley, Wiltshire, England I139
15 Herring, Mary Elizabeth  1964Winsley, Wiltshire, England I128
16 Hooper, Peter Mortimore  22 Feb 1937Winsley, Wiltshire, England I379
17 Nowell, Lucy  Abt 1862Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7040
18 Rushton, Ann  Feb 1844Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7331
19 Scammell, Joseph  10 Oct 1875Winsley, Wiltshire, England P2742
20 Willis, Martha  Abt 1831Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7332


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blatchley, Ann  30 Apr 1844Winsley, Wiltshire, England I20
2 Byfield, Sibill  18 Nov 1784Winsley, Wiltshire, England I323
3 Dagger, Thomas  28 Jan 1786Winsley, Wiltshire, England I223
4 Edwards, Prudence  05 Jul 1809Winsley, Wiltshire, England I2
5 Freestun, Edward William  01 Jun 1871Winsley, Wiltshire, England I13
6 Freestun, Edward William  1 Jun 1871Winsley, Wiltshire, England P2560
7 Hanks, Thomas  10 Jan 1850Winsley, Wiltshire, England I9
8 Hanks, William  25 Sep 1807Winsley, Wiltshire, England I13
9 Hanks, William  02 Sep 1838Winsley, Wiltshire, England I11
10 Heal, Ambrose  02 May 1848Winsley, Wiltshire, England I18
11 Heal, Ambrose  2 May 1848Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7330
12 Heal, John  2 Mar 1822Winsley, Wiltshire, England P1559
13 Heal, Richard  29 Mar 1851Winsley, Wiltshire, England I139
14 Nowell, Lucy  11 Jul 1861Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7040
15 Rushton, Ann  17 Feb 1844Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7331
16 Scammell, Joseph  16 Oct 1875Winsley, Wiltshire, England P2742
17 Sumsion, Daniel  28 Mar 1843Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7039
18 Willis, Martha  25 Mar 1831Winsley, Wiltshire, England P7332


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Broad / -  12 Jan 1758Winsley, Wiltshire, England F38
2 Browne / Dallimore  30 Jul 1837Winsley, Wiltshire, England F50
3 Dagger / Flower  10 Oct 1774Winsley, Wiltshire, England F62
4 Dainton / Bidgood  26 Sep 1826Winsley, Wiltshire, England F49
5 Deverell / Garton  25 Dec 1903Winsley, Wiltshire, England F2264
6 Freestun / Stone  13 Jul 1852Winsley, Wiltshire, England F11
7 Freestun / Stone  13 Jul 1852Winsley, Wiltshire, England F1252
8 Heal / Broad  21 Apr 1773Winsley, Wiltshire, England F44
9 Heal / Rushton  9 Jan 1805Winsley, Wiltshire, England F3485
10 Knott / Mees  23 May 1831Winsley, Wiltshire, England F5
11 Sumsion / Tucker  22 May 1842Winsley, Wiltshire, England F3357
12 Taylor / Broad  Aft 1799Winsley, Wiltshire, England F33