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Weston, Somerset, England


Tree: PTN family maze

Latitude: 51.3955, Longitude: -2.3913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Alfred Percy  16 Oct 1889Weston, Somerset, England I6370 PTN family maze 
2 Amos, Florence Mabel  Jul 1870Weston, Somerset, England I8873 PTN family maze 
3 Ball, Charlotte  Abt 1804Weston, Somerset, England I9178 PTN family maze 
4 Batchellor, Rev William  6 Jun 1799Weston, Somerset, England I3517 PTN family maze 
5 Blackmore, Winifred Maude  16 Jun 1905Weston, Somerset, England I11943 PTN family maze 
6 Curtis, William  Abt 1885Weston, Somerset, England I10942 PTN family maze 
7 Dowding, William Henry  April 1839Weston, Somerset, England I5185 PTN family maze 
8 Embley (Imblay), Christiana  1827Weston, Somerset, England I9187 PTN family maze 
9 Embley (Imblay), Elizabeth  Abt 1829Weston, Somerset, England I9191 PTN family maze 
10 Embley (Imblay), George  Abt 1819Weston, Somerset, England I9193 PTN family maze 
11 Francis, Sarah Matilda  July 1872Weston, Somerset, England I7084 PTN family maze 
12 Frankham (Francom), Eliza  Abt 1814Weston, Somerset, England I6954 PTN family maze 
13 Gaisford, Eliza Jane  April 1846Weston, Somerset, England I7629 PTN family maze 
14 Gillard, Alice Lena  15 Jun 1898Weston, Somerset, England I7292 PTN family maze 
15 Hampton, Louisa Emily  Jan 1850Weston, Somerset, England I6903 PTN family maze 
16 Hendon, Frederick John  14 Jul 1856Weston, Somerset, England I7635 PTN family maze 
17 Naish (Nash), Henry  Abt 1839Weston, Somerset, England I9651 PTN family maze 
18 Perry, Frank Ernest  29 Jan 1888Weston, Somerset, England I5853 PTN family maze 
19 Pike, Elizabeth  1849Weston, Somerset, England I6317 PTN family maze 
20 Robbins, Ann  Abt 1833Weston, Somerset, England I5671 PTN family maze 
21 Rogers, Harriet  1836Weston, Somerset, England I6334 PTN family maze 
22 Smith, Juliana  Jan 1855Weston, Somerset, England I9334 PTN family maze 
23 Spratling, David A  Jul 1941Weston, Somerset, England I10722 PTN family maze 
24 Spreadbury, George William  22 Mar 1903Weston, Somerset, England I11145 PTN family maze 
25 Spreadbury, Joseph Samuel  20 Dec 1907Weston, Somerset, England I11146 PTN family maze 
26 Stevens, Annie Amelia  July 1886Weston, Somerset, England I7855 PTN family maze 
27 West, Emma Jane  24 Jul 1856Weston, Somerset, England I9626 PTN family maze 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cadwallader, Rose Lillian  26 Jul 1975Weston, Somerset, England I5481 PTN family maze 
2 Hobbs, Norman Frederick Charles  6 Apr 1966Weston, Somerset, England I5469 PTN family maze 
3 Long, Ellen  14 May 1977Weston, Somerset, England I9287 PTN family maze 
4 Usher, Dorothy Margaret  27 Jan 1994Weston, Somerset, England I7111 PTN family maze 
5 White, Isabel Amelia  17 Nov 1979Weston, Somerset, England I11177 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bayntun, Adm Sir Henry William  23 Dec 1840Weston, Somerset, England I3726 PTN family maze 
2 Gibbons, James Augustus  Weston, Somerset, England I10758 PTN family maze 
3 Lester, John  Weston, Somerset, England I9950 PTN family maze 
4 Mayhew, Sophia Lady Bayntun  24 Sep 1830Weston, Somerset, England I3732 PTN family maze 
5 Noel, Charlotte Margaret  Weston, Somerset, England I10883 PTN family maze 
6 Thompson, Thomas  Weston, Somerset, England I10894 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reeves, Violet Ellen  Oct 1895Weston, Somerset, England I11508 PTN family maze 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clifford / Amos  30 Jan 1893Weston, Somerset, England F4346 PTN family maze 
2 Houkes (Howkes, Howker, Hawkes) / Sargent  21 May 1839Weston, Somerset, England F4662 PTN family maze 
3 Miller / Helps  26 Dec 1898Weston, Somerset, England F2319 PTN family maze 
4 Minty / Millett  10 Apr 1865Weston, Somerset, England F2325 PTN family maze 
5 Nowell / Dunn  25 Dec 1870Weston, Somerset, England F2586 PTN family maze 
6 Stothert / Reeves  15 Aug 1895Weston, Somerset, England F5731 PTN family maze 
7 Vennall / Ford  11 Dec 1909Weston, Somerset, England F3578 PTN family maze