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Manchester, Lancashire, England


Tree: Allen, Bennet, Maude families
Latitude: 53.9690089, Longitude: -2.6276908

Tree: Layton, Hadley families
Latitude: 53.9690089, Longitude: -2.6276908

Tree: Vaughan Jenkins family
Latitude: 53.9690089, Longitude: -2.6276908

Tree: Wingrove, Vivian families
Latitude: 53.9690089, Longitude: -2.6276908

Tree: Bryan, Daubeney, Fortt, Gore, Howard, Montagu, Richardson families
Latitude: 53.4781032, Longitude: -2.2464222

Tree: Hope, Morley families
Latitude: 53.4781032, Longitude: -2.2464222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Jessie  Abt 1841Manchester, Lancashire, England I139
2 -, Mary  1790Manchester, Lancashire, England I224
3 -, Mary Anne  1813Manchester, Lancashire, England I394
4 Allen, Harry P.  Abt 1862Manchester, Lancashire, England I50
5 Babington, Edith Bessie  Jan 1877Manchester, Lancashire, England I144
6 Bateman, Thomas  Abt 1760Manchester, Lancashire, England I17543
7 Bateman, Thomas  12 Jan 1792Manchester, Lancashire, England I17583
8 Bateman, William  1787Manchester, Lancashire, England I17521
9 Bland, Edward  Abt 1875Manchester, Lancashire, England I302
10 Bland, Herbert  28 Jan 1876Manchester, Lancashire, England I245
11 Bland, James  01 May 1816Manchester, Lancashire, England I292
12 Bland, Percy  Dec 1877Manchester, Lancashire, England I304
13 Bland, Saville  Jul 1873Manchester, Lancashire, England I301
14 Bland, Stewart  Abt 1908Manchester, Lancashire, England I883
15 Falkner, Drusilla Grace  24 Apr 1908Manchester, Lancashire, England I175
16 Ford, Amelia  Jan 1879Manchester, Lancashire, England I871
17 Ford, William  Abt 1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I868
18 Forward, Edith  Abt 1870Manchester, Lancashire, England I150
19 Forward, George Francis  Abt 1867Manchester, Lancashire, England I140
20 Forward, Harry J  Abt 1872Manchester, Lancashire, England I131
21 Forward, William  Abt 1875Manchester, Lancashire, England I132
22 Froggatt, Albert  Abt 1881Manchester, Lancashire, England I125
23 Froggatt, Alice W  Abt 1885Manchester, Lancashire, England I124
24 Froggatt, Benjamin  Abt 1871Manchester, Lancashire, England I127
25 Froggatt, Mary J  Abt 1876Manchester, Lancashire, England I126
26 Glover, Annie  Abt 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I115
27 Home (Horne), Jessie  Abt 1844Manchester, Lancashire, England I78
28 Hope, Elizabeth A  Abt 1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I1001
29 Hope, John  28 May 1744Manchester, Lancashire, England I17632
30 Hope, Samuel  20 Jan 1740Manchester, Lancashire, England I17700
31 Jepson, Maria  Abt 1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I890
32 Johnson, Amy  1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I391
33 Johnson, George  Oct 1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I395
34 Johnson, Robert Henry  12 Feb 1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I393
35 Jupp, Emily Mary  Abt 1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I153
36 Jupp, George William  Abt 1872Manchester, Lancashire, England I141
37 Knowles, Mary Alice  Abt 1838Manchester, Lancashire, England I423
38 McGrath, Myles Valentine Blake  25 Jul 1880Manchester, Lancashire, England I750
39 Parker, Benjamin  06 Apr 1836Manchester, Lancashire, England I587
40 Parker, Edward James  22 May 1883Manchester, Lancashire, England I626
41 Parker, Eva Jane  08 Apr 1882Manchester, Lancashire, England I582
42 Parker, Frances Annie  11 Jan 1879Manchester, Lancashire, England I586
43 Parker, Mary  02 Feb 1889Manchester, Lancashire, England I624
44 Potter, Allan  16 Sep 1811Manchester, Lancashire, England I147
45 Potter, Allan  16 Sep 1811Manchester, Lancashire, England I158
46 Potter, Charlotte  12 Jul 1804Manchester, Lancashire, England I227
47 Potter, Charlotte  12 Jul 1804Manchester, Lancashire, England I270
48 Potter, Ellen  19 Feb 1801Manchester, Lancashire, England I149
49 Potter, Ellen  19 Feb 1801Manchester, Lancashire, England I160
50 Potter, Frances  06 Apr 1808Manchester, Lancashire, England I145

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 -, Jessie  22 Dec 1874Manchester, Lancashire, England I139
2 Bland, Edith Saville  Jan 1997Manchester, Lancashire, England I880
3 Bland, Percy  Sep 1958Manchester, Lancashire, England I304
4 Bland, Stewart  Mar 1988Manchester, Lancashire, England I883
5 Cluley, Annie  Dec 1932Manchester, Lancashire, England I865
6 Cluley, Edward  Sep 1928Manchester, Lancashire, England I877
7 Curzon, Maude  1450Manchester, Lancashire, England I696
8 Falkner, William Richardson  05 May 1902Manchester, Lancashire, England I107
9 German, Catherine  24 Feb 1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I199
10 Jupe, Rachel  Oct 1880Manchester, Lancashire, England I17
11 McGuinness, Joseph Allison  1975Manchester, Lancashire, England I17870
12 Ogden, Nancy  Abt 1873Manchester, Lancashire, England I858
13 Olive, Elizabeth  Mar 1930Manchester, Lancashire, England I850
14 Olive, John  Abt 1871Manchester, Lancashire, England I854
15 Reader, John Stewart  28 Mar 1930Manchester, Lancashire, England I935
16 Robinson, Caroline  Dec 1978Manchester, Lancashire, England I874
17 Stocks, Edith Christina  10 Dec 1959Manchester, Lancashire, England I247
18 Taylor, Eliza  Dec 1925Manchester, Lancashire, England I151
19 Teale, Grace Leonora  20 Jan 1934Manchester, Lancashire, England I297
20 Ward, Samuel  12 May 1787Manchester, Lancashire, England I89


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 -, Jessie  Manchester, Lancashire, England I139
2 Hepworth, Martha  25 Jun 1776Manchester, Lancashire, England I17735
3 Hope, Samuel  12 Jun 1781Manchester, Lancashire, England I17748


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Robinson  Sep 1935Manchester, Lancashire, England F308
2 / Standerwick  Dec 1926Manchester, Lancashire, England F333
3 Bateman / Clegg  13 Apr 1786Manchester, Lancashire, England F6526
4 Bland /   Sep 1935Manchester, Lancashire, England F309
5 Bland / Standerwick  07 Sep 1872Manchester, Lancashire, England F60
6 Forward / Taylor  17 Mar 1878Manchester, Lancashire, England F46
7 Hope / Bateman  17 Sep 1816Manchester, Lancashire, England F6508
8 Hope / Hepworth  27 Apr 1740Manchester, Lancashire, England F6571
9 Jones / Whittenbury  24 May 1809Manchester, Lancashire, England F6555
10 Jupp / Forward  11 Oct 1866Manchester, Lancashire, England F43
11 Perkin / Knowles  23 Jun 1858Manchester, Lancashire, England F92
12 Potter / Taylor  28 Aug 1798Manchester, Lancashire, England F37
13 Potter / Taylor  28 Aug 1798Manchester, Lancashire, England F42
14 Railton / Potter  04 Jun 1829Manchester, Lancashire, England F26
15 Railton / Potter  04 Jun 1829Manchester, Lancashire, England F21
16 Reader /   Dec 1926Manchester, Lancashire, England F330
17 Standerwick / Boardman  20 Jul 1867Manchester, Lancashire, England F66