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Kensington, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cubitt, Herbert Henry 2nd Baron Ashcombe  14 Mar 1867Kensington, Middlesex, England I17556
2 Cubitt, Roland Calvert 3rd Baron Ashcombe  26 Jan 1899Kensington, Middlesex, England I17485
3 Harrington, Cecil Charles  Abt 1861Kensington, Middlesex, England I17525
4 Harrington, Edward James  Abt 1875Kensington, Middlesex, England I17568
5 Harrington, Eliza Ellen  Abt 1864Kensington, Middlesex, England I17587
6 Harrington, Emma Alice  Abt 1869Kensington, Middlesex, England I17477
7 Harrington, George Woods  11 Nov 1865Kensington, Middlesex, England I17574
8 Harrington, Harry  Abt 1859Kensington, Middlesex, England I17508
9 Harrington, Henry John  Aug 1858Kensington, Middlesex, England I17483
10 Harrington, William F  Abt 1872Kensington, Middlesex, England I17455
11 Myddelton, Idina Joan  29 Nov 1899Kensington, Middlesex, England I17516
12 Shand, Philip Morton  21 Jan 1888Kensington, Middlesex, England I14253
13 Stibel, Charles  Apr 1876Kensington, Middlesex, England I17471
14 Stillman, Augustus  1864Kensington, Middlesex, England I17509


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carr, Mary Catherine  24 Oct 1914Kensington, Middlesex, England I17456
2 Denman, Arthur  15 Dec 1931Kensington, Middlesex, England I17693
3 Denman, George  21 Sep 1896Kensington, Middlesex, England I17737
4 Denman, George Lewis  26 May 1929Kensington, Middlesex, England I17661
5 Hope, Charlotte  19 Dec 1905Kensington, Middlesex, England I13978
6 Hope, Harriet Selina  06 Dec 1937Kensington, Middlesex, England I17623
7 Hope, Septima  11 Feb 1932Kensington, Middlesex, England I14286
8 Jones, Emily Hird  27 Sep 1887Kensington, Middlesex, England I17747
9 Stratten, Arthur Clegg  18 Jun 1907Kensington, Middlesex, England I17676