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Combe Down, Somerset, England


Tree: Aslat family

Latitude: 51.3598712, Longitude: -2.3421467

Tree: Franklin family

Latitude: 51.3598712, Longitude: -2.3421467

Tree: Mines family

Latitude: 51.3598712, Longitude: -2.3421467

Tree: Portman family

Latitude: 51.3598712, Longitude: -2.3421467

Tree: Dolling family

Latitude: 51.3598712, Longitude: -2.3421467

Tree: Miller family

Latitude: 51.3598712, Longitude: -2.3421467

Tree: PTN family maze

Latitude: 51.3613, Longitude: -2.3469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Edgar Albert  Jul 1871Combe Down, Somerset, England I11150 PTN family maze 
2 Allen, Lilla May  15 Sep 1875Combe Down, Somerset, England I11151 PTN family maze 
3 Allen, Stanley Francis  22 Nov 1878Combe Down, Somerset, England I11152 PTN family maze 
4 Alloway, Doris May  2 Feb 1916Combe Down, Somerset, England I7092 PTN family maze 
5 Alloway, George Percy  Apr 1881Combe Down, Somerset, England I7055 PTN family maze 
6 Alloway, George William  6 May 1910Combe Down, Somerset, England I7060 PTN family maze 
7 Alloway, Gladys Florence  24 Sep 1914Combe Down, Somerset, England I7091 PTN family maze 
8 Alloway, Laura Florence  5 Apr 1879Combe Down, Somerset, England I7065 PTN family maze 
9 Alloway, Winifred Maud  Jan 1908Combe Down, Somerset, England I7059 PTN family maze 
10 Annely, Barbara Janet Yeats  15 Oct 1898Combe Down, Somerset, England I5733 PTN family maze 
11 Annely, Donald Bernard Reginald  22 May 1901Combe Down, Somerset, England I5734 PTN family maze 
12 Ashton, Mary Ann  Abt 1835Combe Down, Somerset, England I10044 PTN family maze 
13 Aust, Augusta Rebecca  Jul 1844Combe Down, Somerset, England I7312 PTN family maze 
14 Aust, Clarina  Jan 1853Combe Down, Somerset, England I7314 PTN family maze 
15 Aust, George William  Abt 1815Combe Down, Somerset, England I4710 PTN family maze 
16 Aust, Harry John  Abt 1855Combe Down, Somerset, England I7315 PTN family maze 
17 Aust, Hester  Abt 1810Combe Down, Somerset, England I4733 PTN family maze 
18 Aust, Lavinia (Lovena)  Abt 1812Combe Down, Somerset, England I4734 PTN family maze 
19 Aust, Mary Ann  Apr 1842Combe Down, Somerset, England I7311 PTN family maze 
20 Aust, Sarah Hannah  Jul 1840Combe Down, Somerset, England I7340 PTN family maze 
21 Badder, Richard Edward John  24 Nov 1899Combe Down, Somerset, England I9153 PTN family maze 
22 Badder, Rosina Alice  10 Feb 1901Combe Down, Somerset, England I9157 PTN family maze 
23 Barrett, Ellen  Abt 1834Combe Down, Somerset, England I10540 PTN family maze 
24 Barrett, Hannah  Jul 1841Combe Down, Somerset, England I10543 PTN family maze 
25 Barrett, Mary Ann  Abt 1838Combe Down, Somerset, England I5447 PTN family maze 
26 Barrett, Thomas  1835Combe Down, Somerset, England I10548 PTN family maze 
27 Barrett, William  Abt 1832Combe Down, Somerset, England I6084 PTN family maze 
28 Barrett, William  Apr 1838Combe Down, Somerset, England I10541 PTN family maze 
29 Beasant, Lillian Ruth  27 Feb 1900Combe Down, Somerset, England I4588 PTN family maze 
30 Beasant, Mary Louisa  13 Mar 1895Combe Down, Somerset, England I4583 PTN family maze 
31 Beasant, Miriam Rose  17 Nov 1896Combe Down, Somerset, England I4587 PTN family maze 
32 Beasant, Reginald John  25 Sep 1898Combe Down, Somerset, England I4586 PTN family maze 
33 Bending, Amy  29 Aug 1862Combe Down, Somerset, England I5638 PTN family maze 
34 Bending, Ralph Barham  15 Nov 1907Combe Down, Somerset, England I5714 PTN family maze 
35 Bending, Richard  2 Jan 1825Combe Down, Somerset, England I5672 PTN family maze 
36 Bending, Sophia  26 Oct 1820Combe Down, Somerset, England I5675 PTN family maze 
37 Benger, Annie Georgina  14 Aug 1893Combe Down, Somerset, England I9139 PTN family maze 
38 Benger, Charles William  Abt 1890Combe Down, Somerset, England I9121 PTN family maze 
39 Benger, Gladys Emily  13 Feb 1900Combe Down, Somerset, England I5556 PTN family maze 
40 Benger, Harry Stanley  13 Feb 1900Combe Down, Somerset, England I9122 PTN family maze 
41 Benson, Charles Richard  15 Nov 1898Combe Down, Somerset, England I1759 PTN family maze 
42 Benson, Nellie Barbara  15 Dec 1899Combe Down, Somerset, England I1752 PTN family maze 
43 Benson, Rosa  27 Jul 1901Combe Down, Somerset, England I1760 PTN family maze 
44 Bishop, Gladys Rosina  15 Nov 1905Combe Down, Somerset, England I5461 PTN family maze 
45 Bishop, John Roland Herbert  Abt 1847Combe Down, Somerset, England I5469 PTN family maze 
46 Bishop, Nora  Jan 1878Combe Down, Somerset, England I4692 PTN family maze 
47 Bishop, Sarah Ann  21 Feb 1852Combe Down, Somerset, England I4691 PTN family maze 
48 Bishop, William George  13 Dec 1875Combe Down, Somerset, England I5462 PTN family maze 
49 Bodman, Bertha Alice Priscilla  29 Mar 1886Combe Down, Somerset, England I5176 PTN family maze 
50 Bodman, Charles Giles  27 Sep 1888Combe Down, Somerset, England I5177 PTN family maze 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 -, Sarah  Abt 1827Combe Down, Somerset, England I9859 PTN family maze 
2 -, Sarah Elizabeth  31 May 1848Combe Down, Somerset, England I2 Aslat family 
3 Adams (Williams), Betty (Elizabeth)  Jan 1840Combe Down, Somerset, England I5955 PTN family maze 
4 Ades, Mary  18 May 1838Combe Down, Somerset, England I5612 PTN family maze 
5 Alloway, John  13 Nov 1885Combe Down, Somerset, England I7052 PTN family maze 
6 Alloway, Winifred Maud  13 May 1920Combe Down, Somerset, England I7059 PTN family maze 
7 Appleby, Phyllis Ada  15 Dec 1979Combe Down, Somerset, England I10874 PTN family maze 
8 Aslat, Anthony O.  25 Feb 1850Combe Down, Somerset, England I3 Aslat family 
9 Aslat, Elizabeth  27 Sep 1846Combe Down, Somerset, England I4 Aslat family 
10 Bailey, Elizabeth Anne  14 Apr 1879Combe Down, Somerset, England I4253 PTN family maze 
11 Barrett, Ellen  Abt 1853Combe Down, Somerset, England I10540 PTN family maze 
12 Barrett, Sarah  20 Apr 1913Combe Down, Somerset, England I6048 PTN family maze 
13 Barrett, William  Apr 1834Combe Down, Somerset, England I6084 PTN family maze 
14 Bath, Edward Michael Walter John  23 Nov 1971Combe Down, Somerset, England I5084 PTN family maze 
15 Billings, Percy Harold  5 Sep 1992Combe Down, Somerset, England I6591 PTN family maze 
16 Binfield, Eliza  4 Jan 1918Combe Down, Somerset, England I4372 PTN family maze 
17 Bishop, John Roland Herbert  Apr 1878Combe Down, Somerset, England I5469 PTN family maze 
18 Bishop, Leslie Ernest  18 Sep 1947Combe Down, Somerset, England I6297 PTN family maze 
19 Bodman, Henry Cyril George  10 Jul 1987Combe Down, Somerset, England I7211 PTN family maze 
20 Bodman, John  1897Combe Down, Somerset, England I5195 PTN family maze 
21 Brewer, Margaret Fanny  13 Nov 1978Combe Down, Somerset, England I5705 PTN family maze 
22 Bright, Alfred Edward  28 Apr 1984Combe Down, Somerset, England I8277 PTN family maze 
23 Brinkworth, Sydney Ronald  2 Nov 1985Combe Down, Somerset, England I5706 PTN family maze 
24 Bristow, Annie Elizabeth  12 Jan 1985Combe Down, Somerset, England I11226 PTN family maze 
25 Brooks, Laura  13 Oct 1923Combe Down, Somerset, England I7053 PTN family maze 
26 Buckland, William  8 May 1939Combe Down, Somerset, England I8865 PTN family maze 
27 Bush, James Henry  29 Dec 1994Combe Down, Somerset, England I5042 PTN family maze 
28 Butler, Henry  22 Oct 1882Combe Down, Somerset, England I9102 PTN family maze 
29 Clease, Bessie Christina  Apr 1887Combe Down, Somerset, England I6380 PTN family maze 
30 Clease, Frederick George  Oct 1886Combe Down, Somerset, England I6685 PTN family maze 
31 Clease, Frederick George  23 Jul 1979Combe Down, Somerset, England I6768 PTN family maze 
32 Clease, Millicent Gertrude  Oct 1899Combe Down, Somerset, England I6687 PTN family maze 
33 Clease, William  Oct 1849Combe Down, Somerset, England I6688 PTN family maze 
34 Clothier, Charles Thomas  15 Dec 1981Combe Down, Somerset, England I7885 PTN family maze 
35 Clothier, Daisy Ellen  6 Aug 2000Combe Down, Somerset, England I9053 PTN family maze 
36 Coles, Eliza  15 Mar 1888Combe Down, Somerset, England I5644 PTN family maze 
37 Condie, Lucy Agnes Aileen  14 Mar 1989Combe Down, Somerset, England I4974 PTN family maze 
38 Davidge, John  24 Apr 1844Combe Down, Somerset, England I3822 PTN family maze 
39 Davis, Eileen Maud  12 Aug 1989Combe Down, Somerset, England I6437 PTN family maze 
40 Davis, Mary Evelyn Grace  22 May 2011Combe Down, Somerset, England I6463 PTN family maze 
41 Day, Wilfred Ferris  12 Jul 1984Combe Down, Somerset, England I6812 PTN family maze 
42 Denly, John Herbert  07 Aug 1937Combe Down, Somerset, England I107 Miller family 
43 Deverell, Margaret Adeline  Oct 1903Combe Down, Somerset, England I4273 PTN family maze 
44 Dewhurst, Jane Caroline  30 Apr 1895Combe Down, Somerset, England I3185 PTN family maze 
45 Dickenson, Joseph  22 Dec 1888Combe Down, Somerset, England I7582 PTN family maze 
46 Dowding, James John  1 May 1948Combe Down, Somerset, England I4779 PTN family maze 
47 Dowling, William  29 Mar 1904Combe Down, Somerset, England I6047 PTN family maze 
48 Drakeford, Nellie  1950Combe Down, Somerset, England I5398 PTN family maze 
49 Edward, Leah  Jul 1872Combe Down, Somerset, England I8648 PTN family maze 
50 Fale, Claude John Gladstone  11 Feb 1974Combe Down, Somerset, England I4995 PTN family maze 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burchell, Henry William  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8829 PTN family maze 
2 Edward, Leah  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8648 PTN family maze 
3 Eyles, Elizabeth  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8573 PTN family maze 
4 Fisher, George  Combe Down, Somerset, England I4350 PTN family maze 
5 Fisher, Richard  Combe Down, Somerset, England I3953 PTN family maze 
6 Hamlen (Hamlyn), Richard  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8805 PTN family maze 
7 Hibbard, Mary  Combe Down, Somerset, England I3954 PTN family maze 
8 Holley, Mark  Combe Down, Somerset, England I10574 PTN family maze 
9 Meaden, Martha  Combe Down, Somerset, England I10575 PTN family maze 
10 Nowell, Mary Sophia  Combe Down, Somerset, England I4573 PTN family maze 
11 Selway, Alick  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8658 PTN family maze 
12 Selway, Samuel  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8656 PTN family maze 
13 Selway, Samuel  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8649 PTN family maze 
14 Selway, Samuel  Combe Down, Somerset, England I8647 PTN family maze 
15 Spary, Mary Ann  Combe Down, Somerset, England I10593 PTN family maze 
16 Wilcox, William  Combe Down, Somerset, England I4487 PTN family maze 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ross, Cdr John Douglas  21 Jun 1927Combe Down, Somerset, England I2300 PTN family maze 
2 Ross, Cdr John Douglas  4 Oct 1933Combe Down, Somerset, England I2300 PTN family maze 


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Batchelor / Miner  Oct 1878Combe Down, Somerset, England F2232 PTN family maze 
2 Bending / Cavell  10 May 1841Combe Down, Somerset, England F2948 PTN family maze 
3 Bishop / Miles  6 Feb 1918Combe Down, Somerset, England F3218 PTN family maze 
4 Bloom / Moody  Apr 1922Combe Down, Somerset, England F3132 PTN family maze 
5 Clease / Weeks  Apr 1880Combe Down, Somerset, England F3400 PTN family maze 
6 Cook / Field  Oct 1875Combe Down, Somerset, England F3231 PTN family maze 
7 Davis / Milsom  Oct 1931Combe Down, Somerset, England F2506 PTN family maze 
8 de Carteret / Dixon  10 Apr 1907Combe Down, Somerset, England F5975 PTN family maze 
9 Dixon / Miner  Jul 1885Combe Down, Somerset, England F2195 PTN family maze 
10 Elkins / Morgan  22 Mar 1885Combe Down, Somerset, England F3898 PTN family maze 
11 Elsworth / Francis  18 Dec 1915Combe Down, Somerset, England F3545 PTN family maze 
12 Eversley / Cook  16 Dec 1890Combe Down, Somerset, England F4808 PTN family maze 
13 Fishlock / Miner  Oct 1917Combe Down, Somerset, England F2233 PTN family maze 
14 Gillard / Morris  Jul 1910Combe Down, Somerset, England F3029 PTN family maze 
15 Gray / Williams  Apr 1905Combe Down, Somerset, England F3399 PTN family maze 
16 Griffin / Sharman  1937Combe Down, Somerset, England F3539 PTN family maze 
17 Hamlin / Longman  1853Combe Down, Somerset, England F2277 PTN family maze 
18 Hancock /   1945Combe Down, Somerset, England F5732 PTN family maze 
19 Hancock / Brinkworth  1869Combe Down, Somerset, England F2993 PTN family maze 
20 Hancock / Butt  1905Combe Down, Somerset, England F4271 PTN family maze 
21 Hancock / Slingo  Jul 1945Combe Down, Somerset, England F4272 PTN family maze 
22 Hendon / Noad  1880Combe Down, Somerset, England F3502 PTN family maze 
23 Hobbs / Riddle  1 Dec 1869Combe Down, Somerset, England F2562 PTN family maze 
24 Holley / Lavis  Apr 1906Combe Down, Somerset, England F4716 PTN family maze 
25 Janes / Smith  Jul 1921Combe Down, Somerset, England F3649 PTN family maze 
26 Johnson / Williams  Jan 1916Combe Down, Somerset, England F3738 PTN family maze 
27 King / Brinkworth  Jul 1925Combe Down, Somerset, England F2597 PTN family maze 
28 King / Morgan  Sep 1896Combe Down, Somerset, England F3899 PTN family maze 
29 Miles / Miles  Jul 1925Combe Down, Somerset, England F3199 PTN family maze 
30 Miles / Wise  8 Oct 1901Combe Down, Somerset, England F2207 PTN family maze 
31 Miner / Perkins  18 Jul 1849Combe Down, Somerset, England F4363 PTN family maze 
32 Morris / Montague  Oct 1864Combe Down, Somerset, England F2266 PTN family maze 
33 Moss / Macey  10 Dec 1910Combe Down, Somerset, England F3891 PTN family maze 
34 Mundy / Chivers  3 Jun 1950Combe Down, Somerset, England F2655 PTN family maze 
35 Nowell / Clease  13 May 1894Combe Down, Somerset, England F3213 PTN family maze 
36 Nowell / Francis  1 Feb 1874Combe Down, Somerset, England F2596 PTN family maze 
37 Nowell / Lee  29 Aug 1897Combe Down, Somerset, England F3214 PTN family maze 
38 Prescott / Wolfe  Jul 1871Combe Down, Somerset, England F2565 PTN family maze 
39 Rhymes / Sumsion  Oct 1916Combe Down, Somerset, England F3325 PTN family maze 
40 Russell / Short  27 May 1866Combe Down, Somerset, England F3054 PTN family maze 
41 Sharman / Nowell  Jul 1905Combe Down, Somerset, England F3537 PTN family maze 
42 Smith / Hinton  12 Apr 1909Combe Down, Somerset, England F4685 PTN family maze 
43 Sumsion / Hussey  Apr 1918Combe Down, Somerset, England F3333 PTN family maze 
44 Vennall / Alloway  1 Jun 1903Combe Down, Somerset, England F3610 PTN family maze 
45 Wherrett / Greedy (Preedy)  22 Nov 1913Combe Down, Somerset, England F2919 PTN family maze 
46 Whitaker / Beasant  5 Jun 1922Combe Down, Somerset, England F2175 PTN family maze 
47 White / Paradise  Jan 1902Combe Down, Somerset, England F3672 PTN family maze 
48 Whittaker / Williams  1846Combe Down, Somerset, England F2127 PTN family maze 
49 Williams / Clease  Oct 1901Combe Down, Somerset, England F3389 PTN family maze 
50 Williams / Sheppard  Jan 1885Combe Down, Somerset, England F3805 PTN family maze