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Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales


Tree: Hanks, Hague, Stursberg families

Latitude: 51.4815810, Longitude: -3.1790900


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Amy  Abt 1873Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I309
2 Berwick, Edith Sarah  Jan 1886Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I644
3 Board, Annie  Abt 1892Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I244
4 Board, Charles De Hennesy  Abt 1896Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I248
5 Board, Elizabeth Gertrude  Abt 1880Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I240
6 Board, Emma  Abt 1853Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I241
7 Board, Emma  Apr 1877Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I265
8 Board, Ethel Violet  Abt 1887Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I246
9 Board, Eva  Abt 1885Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I245
10 Board, Florance G  Abt 1889Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I247
11 Board, Mary Hanna  Abt 1873Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I233
12 Carr, Alfred George William  1885Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I636
13 Carr, Gordon Alfred  06 Jan 1920Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I621
14 Carr, Phyllis M  18 Mar 1917Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I637
15 Hanks, Ada  Oct 1878Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I96
16 Hanks, George  Oct 1869Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I97
17 Payne, Gordon Edgar  22 Jan 1908Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I590
18 Payne, Graham Charles  01 Oct 1912Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I589
19 Payne, Walter Reginald  12 Mar 1905Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I591
20 Silby, Dorothy Esther  23 Jan 1909Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I654
21 Silby, Edward Oxford F  Jan 1898Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I622
22 Silby, Florence Edith  Apr 1901Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I625
23 Silby, Fred  Apr 1874Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I667
24 Silby, Roy  Apr 1904Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I623
25 Squire, Edna Mary  15 Apr 1907Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I639
26 Squire, Frederick Gordon  12 Jul 1909Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I627
27 Wright, Ada  Abt 1882Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I251
28 Wright, Charles H  Abt 1878Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I252
29 Wright, Frank  Abt 1890Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I249
30 Wright, Gwinnie  Abt 1906Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I261
31 Wright, Laura  Abt 1885Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I250
32 Wright, William Thomas  Apr 1880Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I259


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Board, Emma  Mar 1953Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I265
2 Carr, Alfred George William  17 May 1949Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I636
3 Carr, Phyllis M  1956Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I637
4 Cox, Elizabeth Eva  25 Jul 1946Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I635
5 Drake, Annie Eliza  Dec 1937Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I624
6 Hanks, Ada  Mar 1945Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I96
7 Hanks, Albert Edward  Sep 1918Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I94
8 Hanks, Emanuel  Mar 1919Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I52
9 Hanks, George  Dec 1938Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I97
10 Kennedy, Margaret  Jun 1953Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I522
11 Morris, Matilda  Apr 1901Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I122
12 Payne, Edgar William  22 Feb 1944Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I593
13 Payne, Walter Reginald  Jun 1971Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I591
14 Payne, Walter Thomas  03 Feb 1934Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I150
15 Silby, Fred  02 Dec 1932Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I667
16 Squire, Edna Mary  Sep 1979Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I639
17 Squire, Frederick James  31 Dec 1946Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales I643


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Hanks  Apr 1904Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F72
2 Carr / Cox  1912Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F249
3 Carr / Payne  22 Jun 1940Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F245
4 Hanks / Board  Jul 1903Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F68
5 Payne / Silby  Apr 1930Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F262
6 Payne / Squire  Sep 1930Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F263
7 Payne / Stevens  03 Aug 1903Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F209
8 Silby / Drake  Apr 1896Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales F256