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Bath, Somerset, England


Tree: Whitaker family

Latitude: 51.3758010, Longitude: -2.3599039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Batham, Elizabeth  Abt 1846Bath, Somerset, England I170
2 Batham, Emily A  1854Bath, Somerset, England I177
3 Batham, Frederick Lovelock  12 Mar 1904Bath, Somerset, England I167
4 Batham, Hellen  Abt 1850Bath, Somerset, England I178
5 Batham, Henry  Abt 1825Bath, Somerset, England I207
6 Batham, Henry  Abt 1845Bath, Somerset, England I174
7 Batham, Henry  Abt 1864Bath, Somerset, England I163
8 Batham, Hester  Abt 1849Bath, Somerset, England I201
9 Batham, John  Abt 1770Bath, Somerset, England I241
10 Batham, John Frederick  Apr 1872Bath, Somerset, England I176
11 Batham, Kate  Abt 1859Bath, Somerset, England I183
12 Batham, Leonard Reginald  19 Mar 1916Bath, Somerset, England I197
13 Batham, Louisa Amy  Jul 1900Bath, Somerset, England I181
14 Batham, Oliver Frank  24 Dec 1907Bath, Somerset, England I186
15 Batham, William  Abt 1796Bath, Somerset, England I199
16 Batham, William  Abt 1856Bath, Somerset, England I210
17 Batham, Winifred Elizabeth  21 Mar 1902Bath, Somerset, England I200
18 Batt, Hester  Abt 1825Bath, Somerset, England I162
19 Brice, Edward William  Abt 1883Bath, Somerset, England I49
20 Brice, Edward William  19 Jan 1911Bath, Somerset, England I48
21 Brice, Wyndham  Mar 1923Bath, Somerset, England I46
22 Davidge, Betty  1797Bath, Somerset, England I261
23 Davidge, Eliza  1815Bath, Somerset, England I330
24 Davidge, Hannah  1801Bath, Somerset, England I240
25 Davidge, John  1809Bath, Somerset, England I246
26 Hamlin, Thomas  Abt 1775Bath, Somerset, England I129
27 Little, Reginald James  May 1901Bath, Somerset, England I41
28 Nowell, Louisa  Abt 1841Bath, Somerset, England I190
29 Peirce, Ann  Abt 1738Bath, Somerset, England I121
30 Peirce, Isaac  Abt 1710Bath, Somerset, England I114
31 Whitaker, Ann Elizabeth  Jul 1861Bath, Somerset, England I93
32 Whitaker, Decima (Deana)  Apr 1864Bath, Somerset, England I85
33 Whitaker, Ellen  04 Jan 1866Bath, Somerset, England I80
34 Whitaker, Raymond Vincent  Jun 1928Bath, Somerset, England I11
35 Whitaker, Rosa Alice  Abt 1869Bath, Somerset, England I66
36 Whittaker, Leonard Frank  24 Aug 1922Bath, Somerset, England I44
37 Whittaker, Louis  25 Feb 1930Bath, Somerset, England I35
38 Wicks, William  Abt 1846Bath, Somerset, England I143


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Hill), Elizabeth Jane  Jun 1968Bath, Somerset, England I214
2 Bailey, Gladys Irene  Sep 1991Bath, Somerset, England I326
3 Batham, Frederick Lovelock  Jun 1978Bath, Somerset, England I167
4 Batham, Henry  Jan 1899Bath, Somerset, England I207
5 Batham, John Frederick  Mar 1929Bath, Somerset, England I176
6 Batham, Leonard Reginald  Jun 2001Bath, Somerset, England I197
7 Batham, Oliver Frank  Aug 1997Bath, Somerset, England I186
8 Batt, Hester  Jan 1886Bath, Somerset, England I162
9 Brice, Edward William  Jun 1953Bath, Somerset, England I49
10 Brice, Edward William  Sep 1987Bath, Somerset, England I48
11 Brice, Wyndham  Dec 1980Bath, Somerset, England I46
12 Davidge, George  31 May 1884Bath, Somerset, England I247
13 Davidge, John  19 Jun 1873Bath, Somerset, England I246
14 Davidge, Robert  Oct 1851Bath, Somerset, England I289
15 Davidge, Sarah  Jan 1874Bath, Somerset, England I128
16 Davidge, Thomas  1868Bath, Somerset, England I222
17 Hamlin, Martha  Jan 1866Bath, Somerset, England I71
18 Little, Reginald James  Mar 1986Bath, Somerset, England I41
19 Miles, Emma  1920Bath, Somerset, England I87
20 Miles, William  Jan 1880Bath, Somerset, England I72
21 Miles, William  18 Jul 1931Bath, Somerset, England I73
22 Nobbs, Gertrude Winifred  Apr 2006Bath, Somerset, England I220
23 Pearce, Alice Rose  Mar 1982Bath, Somerset, England I4
24 Pearce, Charlotte  1870Bath, Somerset, England I151
25 Pearce, Florence May  Jun 1981Bath, Somerset, England I5
26 Pearce, Harriet  Apr 1898Bath, Somerset, England I122
27 Pearce, Irene Lucy  Jun 1983Bath, Somerset, England I43
28 Pearce, James  Dec 1922Bath, Somerset, England I138
29 Pearce, Stanley George  Jun 1950Bath, Somerset, England I8
30 Pearce, Thomas William Herbert  Dec 1970Bath, Somerset, England I39
31 Pobjoy, Sarah  13 Jun 1852Bath, Somerset, England I290
32 Tracey, James J  Mar 1958Bath, Somerset, England I40
33 Whitaker, Joseph Vernaum  23 Jul 1939Bath, Somerset, England I101
34 Whitaker, Raymond  06 May 1950Bath, Somerset, England I10
35 Whitaker, Raymond Vincent  Dec 1966Bath, Somerset, England I11
36 Whittaker, Daisy Gertrude  Apr 1986Bath, Somerset, England I36
37 Whittaker, Leonard Frank  Sep 1989Bath, Somerset, England I44
38 Whittaker, Louis  Nov 1999Bath, Somerset, England I35
39 Whittaker, William  31 Jan 1876Bath, Somerset, England I57
40 Wicks, Martha  Jun 1961Bath, Somerset, England I1
41 Williams, Lilian Maude  20 Oct 1982Bath, Somerset, England I22
42 Williams, Sydney  1953Bath, Somerset, England I47


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / (Hill)  Jul 1899Bath, Somerset, England F52
2 / Nowell  Oct 1886Bath, Somerset, England F51
3 / Watts  Apr 1856Bath, Somerset, England F82
4 / Williams  Oct 1846Bath, Somerset, England F23
5 Batham /   Jul 1845Bath, Somerset, England F49
6 Batham / Bailey  Dec 1939Bath, Somerset, England F74
7 Batham / Batt  07 Sep 1845Bath, Somerset, England F47
8 Batham / Murray  27 May 1792Bath, Somerset, England F58
9 Batham / Nobbs  Dec 1929Bath, Somerset, England F41
10 Davidge / Pobjoy  01 May 1797Bath, Somerset, England F71
11 Little / Pearce  Sep 1945Bath, Somerset, England F8
12 Pearce /   Apr 1856Bath, Somerset, England F33
13 Pearce /   Oct 1892Bath, Somerset, England F34
14 Pearce / Davidge  13 Nov 1831Bath, Somerset, England F25
15 Pobjoy / Peirce  18 May 1766Bath, Somerset, England F29
16 Tracey / Pearce  Sep 1919Bath, Somerset, England F7
17 Whitaker / Pearce  Oct 1909Bath, Somerset, England F4
18 Whittaker /   Oct 1846Bath, Somerset, England F24
19 Whittaker /   Jan 1909Bath, Somerset, England F13
20 Whittaker / Williams  Jan 1909Bath, Somerset, England F12
21 Wick / Emery  03 Mar 1859Bath, Somerset, England F36
22 Williams / Morgan  1870Bath, Somerset, England F9