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Bath, Somerset, England


Tree: Westlake family

Latitude: 51.3845283, Longitude: -2.3866048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bendall, Alfred  Abt 1845Bath, Somerset, England I53
2 Bendall, Charles Lewis  1808Bath, Somerset, England I17
3 Bendall, Elizabeth Julia  06 Sep 1829Bath, Somerset, England I65
4 Bendall, Francis Christopher  13 Jul 1841Bath, Somerset, England I75
5 Bendall, George  1833Bath, Somerset, England I83
6 Bendall, George Joseph  16 Dec 1811Bath, Somerset, England I37
7 Bendall, Jane  1807Bath, Somerset, England I14
8 Bendall, Jane  23 Mar 1839Bath, Somerset, England I38
9 Bendall, John  1834Bath, Somerset, England I59
10 Bendall, John Charles  21 Oct 1844Bath, Somerset, England I15
11 Bendall, Mary Ann  1805Bath, Somerset, England I30
12 Bendall, Samuel  1836Bath, Somerset, England I73
13 Canning, Alfred  Jan 1846Bath, Somerset, England I26
14 Canning, Andrew  1848Bath, Somerset, England I91
15 Canning, Frank  1841Bath, Somerset, England I84
16 Canning, Frank Stephen  Apr 1855Bath, Somerset, England I25
17 Canning, Julia  Jan 1838Bath, Somerset, England I39
18 Canning, Mary Elizabeth  Jan 1854Bath, Somerset, England I1
19 Canning, Oliver Charles  Abt 1832Bath, Somerset, England I76
20 Canning, Theophilus George  Abt 1833Bath, Somerset, England I77
21 Canning, William  Abt 1800Bath, Somerset, England I87
22 Packer, Bessie  Abt 1861Bath, Somerset, England I60
23 Packer, Emily  Abt 1858Bath, Somerset, England I18
24 Packer, Kate  Abt 1865Bath, Somerset, England I90
25 Packer, Lillian  Abt 1872Bath, Somerset, England I86
26 Westlake, Amy Mary E  Jul 1881Bath, Somerset, England I5
27 Westlake, Edith Emma Canning  Oct 1883Bath, Somerset, England I6
28 Westlake, Ernest John  Jan 1897Bath, Somerset, England I7
29 Westlake, Ethel Margaret  08 Feb 1901Bath, Somerset, England I8
30 Westlake, Gilbert Victor  Apr 1878Bath, Somerset, England I9
31 Westlake, Louis James  Oct 1875Bath, Somerset, England I11
32 Williams, Anna Maria  07 Jan 1800Bath, Somerset, England I85
33 Young, Jane  1842Bath, Somerset, England I12


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bendall, Elizabeth Julia  Dec 1877Bath, Somerset, England I65
2 Bendall, Jane  1860Bath, Somerset, England I14
3 Bendall, Jane  Jul 1866Bath, Somerset, England I38
4 Bendall, John  Oct 1837Bath, Somerset, England I59
5 Bendall, Samuel  1836Bath, Somerset, England I73
6 Canning, Emma  Apr 1863Bath, Somerset, England I19
7 Canning, Frank Stephen  04 Mar 1912Bath, Somerset, England I25
8 Canning, William  Jan 1858Bath, Somerset, England I87
9 Hiett, Mary Ann Gentilla  11 Aug 1949Bath, Somerset, England I69
10 Lethbridge, Elizabeth Rosemary E  Sep 1983Bath, Somerset, England I92
11 Lethbridge, Walter J  Mar 2003Bath, Somerset, England I44
12 Packer, Ellen  Jun 1955Bath, Somerset, England I33
13 Packer, Emily  Mar 1948Bath, Somerset, England I52
14 Packer, Frank  15 Jan 1951Bath, Somerset, England I29
15 Williams, Anna Maria  Oct 1873Bath, Somerset, England I85
16 Woolford, Mary Vera  Feb 2003Bath, Somerset, England I80


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bendall / Nelling  20 Aug 1804Bath, Somerset, England F16
2 Canning /   Jan 1853Bath, Somerset, England F23
3 Canning / Hiett  Jul 1894Bath, Somerset, England F9
4 Canning / Williams  11 Dec 1825Bath, Somerset, England F17
5 Lydford / Westlake  21 Mar 1926Bath, Somerset, England F3
6 Packer / Young  08 Aug 1866Bath, Somerset, England F7
7 Westlake / Canning  Oct 1874Bath, Somerset, England F1
8 Westlake / Packer  Jul 1905Bath, Somerset, England F4
9 Woolford / Westlake  04 Mar 1909Bath, Somerset, England F5