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Bath, Somerset, England


Tree: Jordan family

Latitude: 51.3845283, Longitude: -2.3866048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Emily  Abt 1879Bath, Somerset, England I142
2 Atkins, Winifred Maria  1818Bath, Somerset, England I134
3 Chittem, John  Abt 1902Bath, Somerset, England I138
4 Chittem, William  Abt 1898Bath, Somerset, England I80
5 Dagger, Alice Maud  Apr 1885Bath, Somerset, England I54
6 Dagger, Betty  15 Apr 1781Bath, Somerset, England I292
7 Dagger, Charles  05 Oct 1782Bath, Somerset, England I190
8 Dagger, Christiana  18 Jan 1789Bath, Somerset, England I216
9 Dagger, Christiana  1811Bath, Somerset, England I274
10 Dagger, Emily  Abt 1869Bath, Somerset, England I186
11 Dagger, George  19 Dec 1790Bath, Somerset, England I313
12 Dagger, George  11 Apr 1813Bath, Somerset, England I52
13 Dagger, Harriett  Abt 1875Bath, Somerset, England I137
14 Dagger, Henry  1806Bath, Somerset, England I245
15 Dagger, John  1880Bath, Somerset, England I55
16 Dagger, John Atkins  Jun 1838Bath, Somerset, England I107
17 Dagger, Joseph D  27 Aug 1859Bath, Somerset, England I148
18 Dagger, Mary  1776Bath, Somerset, England I234
19 Dagger, Mary Ann  1808Bath, Somerset, England I340
20 Dagger, Thomas  Abt 1844Bath, Somerset, England I252
21 Dagger, William  Dec 1889Bath, Somerset, England I113
22 Dainton, Emily Beatrice  Abt 1904Bath, Somerset, England I95
23 Dainton, James  Abt 1877Bath, Somerset, England I165
24 Dainton, James Edward  Abt 1902Bath, Somerset, England I59
25 Dainton, Lilian Grace  17 Mar 1907Bath, Somerset, England I56
26 Humphries, Ann  Abt 1870Bath, Somerset, England I3
27 Humphries, Edward  Abt 1880Bath, Somerset, England I4
28 Humphries, Frank  Abt 1874Bath, Somerset, England I6
29 Humphries, Frederick  Abt 1863Bath, Somerset, England I7
30 Humphries, George  Abt 1878Bath, Somerset, England I8
31 Humphries, Louisa  Abt 1867Bath, Somerset, England I9
32 Humphries, Sydney  Abt 1865Bath, Somerset, England I10
33 Jordan, Elizabeth H  Abt 1866Bath, Somerset, England I13
34 Jordan, Emily Louisa  Abt 1864Bath, Somerset, England I14
35 Jordan, Frank Edward  06 Feb 1902Bath, Somerset, England I15
36 Jordan, Frederick William  Apr 1871Bath, Somerset, England I18
37 Jordan, Herbert James  18 Feb 1912Bath, Somerset, England I20
38 Jordan, James Henry  Abt 1861Bath, Somerset, England I21
39 Jordan, Louis George  18 Jun 1900Bath, Somerset, England I25
40 Jordan, Louisa  Abt 1870Bath, Somerset, England I26
41 Jordan, William Frederick A  Jan 1898Bath, Somerset, England I31
42 Kimber, Sarah A  1855Bath, Somerset, England I104
43 Lambern, Albert  1862Bath, Somerset, England I218
44 Lambern, Beatrice Maud  10 Jul 1904Bath, Somerset, England I34
45 Lambern, Charles Edward  1887Bath, Somerset, England I35
46 Lambern, Doris Evelyn  Oct 1909Bath, Somerset, England I36
47 Lambern, George  Oct 1857Bath, Somerset, England I319
48 Lambern, Gladys Gwendoline  17 Nov 1906Bath, Somerset, England I39
49 Lambern, Mary  Abt 1820Bath, Somerset, England I215
50 Lambern, Queenie Kathleen  26 Aug 1913Bath, Somerset, England I42

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Frederick  1854Bath, Somerset, England I316
2 Atkins, Winifred Maria  Oct 1892Bath, Somerset, England I134
3 Belcher, Mary Ann  1872Bath, Somerset, England I318
4 Chittem, Ernest Adolphe  Sep 1986Bath, Somerset, England I126
5 Dagger, Aaron  Sep 1815Bath, Somerset, England I230
6 Dagger, Alice Maud  Jan 1917Bath, Somerset, England I54
7 Dagger, Charles  Sep 1858Bath, Somerset, England I190
8 Dagger, Christiana  1882Bath, Somerset, England I274
9 Dagger, Elizabeth Mary  Jun 1920Bath, Somerset, England I159
10 Dagger, George  Jun 1843Bath, Somerset, England I313
11 Dagger, George  Oct 1891Bath, Somerset, England I52
12 Dagger, Harriett  Dec 1942Bath, Somerset, England I137
13 Dagger, Henry George  Mar 1944Bath, Somerset, England I152
14 Dagger, James  04 Apr 1802Bath, Somerset, England I305
15 Dagger, James  20 May 1854Bath, Somerset, England I253
16 Dagger, John Atkins  13 Feb 1898Bath, Somerset, England I107
17 Dagger, Joseph D  19 Feb 1931Bath, Somerset, England I148
18 Dagger, Mary Ann  1884Bath, Somerset, England I340
19 Dagger, Sarah Jane  Dec 1939Bath, Somerset, England I2
20 Dagger, William  Mar 1963Bath, Somerset, England I113
21 Dainton, Lilian Grace  Sep 1996Bath, Somerset, England I56
22 Flower, Jane  Feb 1822Bath, Somerset, England I259
23 Greenman, Joseph  13 Oct 1857Bath, Somerset, England I231
24 Greenman, Mary Elizabeth  Oct 1912Bath, Somerset, England I91
25 Hill, Harriett  1851Bath, Somerset, England I198
26 Hill, James  1853Bath, Somerset, England I195
27 Hill, John  1871Bath, Somerset, England I344
28 Jordan, Sidney  Dec 1939Bath, Somerset, England I28
29 Jordan, William Frederick A  28 May 1962Bath, Somerset, England I31
30 Kimber, David  Jul 1881Bath, Somerset, England I64
31 Lambern, Beatrice Maud  Jun 1980Bath, Somerset, England I34
32 Lambern, Charles Edward  Jun 1968Bath, Somerset, England I35
33 Lambern, Doris Evelyn  2007Bath, Somerset, England I36
34 Lambern, Ellen Louisa  04 Jul 1952Bath, Somerset, England I162
35 Lambern, Emily  20 Jan 1949Bath, Somerset, England I114
36 Lambern, Ernest Walter  Jul 1985Bath, Somerset, England I37
37 Lambern, George Alfred  23 Mar 1929Bath, Somerset, England I341
38 Lambern, Gladys Gwendoline  Nov 1995Bath, Somerset, England I39
39 Lambern, James  Apr 1849Bath, Somerset, England I217
40 Lambern, James  1932Bath, Somerset, England I225
41 Lambern, Jeremiah  1905Bath, Somerset, England I201
42 Lambern, Phillip Belcher  20 May 1914Bath, Somerset, England I93
43 Lambern, Priscilla Belcher  1881Bath, Somerset, England I200
44 Lambern, Walter Henry  13 Jan 1960Bath, Somerset, England I43
45 Lambern, William  Jun 1947Bath, Somerset, England I76
46 Lambern, William Henry  Oct 2004Bath, Somerset, England I44
47 Miles, Esther  1906Bath, Somerset, England I314
48 Miles, George  03 Apr 1925Bath, Somerset, England I327
49 Miles, Harriet  1906Bath, Somerset, England I226
50 Miles, Ivy  Jun 1964Bath, Somerset, England I53

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Belcher  Apr 1860Bath, Somerset, England F71
2 Chittem / Lambern  Dec 1936Bath, Somerset, England F28
3 Dagger / Greenman  Jan 1869Bath, Somerset, England F30
4 Dagger / Moors  06 Apr 1806Bath, Somerset, England F53
5 Jordan /   Jan 1893Bath, Somerset, England F4
6 Jordan / Humphries  1893Bath, Somerset, England F3
7 Jordan / Keeling  Oct 1857Bath, Somerset, England F6
8 Jordan / Lambern  Dec 1937Bath, Somerset, England F5
9 Jordan / Mansfield  Dec 1924Bath, Somerset, England F41
10 Jordan / Miles  Dec 1922Bath, Somerset, England F39
11 Jordan / Newsome  Dec 1938Bath, Somerset, England F42
12 Lambern /   Apr 1860Bath, Somerset, England F70
13 Lambern /   Jul 1904Bath, Somerset, England F9
14 Lambern / Dagger  Jul 1904Bath, Somerset, England F2
15 Lambern / Payne  Sep 1952Bath, Somerset, England F38
16 Newsome / Foster  1911Bath, Somerset, England F18
17 Niblett /   Jul 1872Bath, Somerset, England F72
18 Niblett / Kimber  Jan 1915Bath, Somerset, England F29
19 Payne / Lambern  17 Dec 1930Bath, Somerset, England F11