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Bath, Somerset, England


Tree: Hanks, Hague, Stursberg families

Latitude: 51.3845283, Longitude: -2.3866048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Catherine  Abt 1856Bath, Somerset, England I566
2 -, Rebecca  1803Bath, Somerset, England I22
3 Cass, Arthur Rodney  Abt 1885Bath, Somerset, England I841
4 Cass, Edith Sophia  Abt 1874Bath, Somerset, England I840
5 Cass, Gilbert Lee  Jan 1875Bath, Somerset, England I831
6 Cass, Kathleen Nellie  17 Dec 1901Bath, Somerset, England I830
7 Cass, Kenneth Gilbert  03 Mar 1910Bath, Somerset, England I833
8 Cass, Marjorie Violet  27 Jan 1899Bath, Somerset, England I832
9 Cass, Owen Fell  Abt 1848Bath, Somerset, England I838
10 Cass, Raymond Stanley  Abt 1890Bath, Somerset, England I825
11 Cottle, Elizabeth  Abt 1819Bath, Somerset, England I50
12 Cowley, George F  Abt 1888Bath, Somerset, England I567
13 Cowley, William P  Abt 1890Bath, Somerset, England I565
14 Crowley, Annie  Abt 1893Bath, Somerset, England I552
15 Crowley, Catherine Agnes  10 May 1895Bath, Somerset, England I529
16 Crowley, Charles  Abt 1898Bath, Somerset, England I550
17 Crowley, John Joseph  Abt 1856Bath, Somerset, England I551
18 Davies, Catherine Henrietta  Abt 1871Bath, Somerset, England I792
19 Hague, Charles Alfred  Jan 1872Bath, Somerset, England I785
20 Hague, Dorothy Ellen  Jan 1895Bath, Somerset, England I790
21 Hague, Ellen  Abt 1869Bath, Somerset, England I804
22 Hague, Emily Louisa  Oct 1868Bath, Somerset, England I784
23 Hague, Frederick C  Abt 1867Bath, Somerset, England I805
24 Hague, Henry  Oct 1870Bath, Somerset, England I813
25 Hague, Joyce Clara  05 Sep 1906Bath, Somerset, England I809
26 Hague, Nellie  Jan 1877Bath, Somerset, England I812
27 Hague, Nellie Constance  09 Jan 1904Bath, Somerset, England I808
28 Hague, Victor Charles  Jul 1899Bath, Somerset, England I793
29 Hague, Violet Kate  Oct 1896Bath, Somerset, England I791
30 Hague, William John  Oct 1878Bath, Somerset, England I811
31 Hanks, Ada Irene  03 Feb 1906Bath, Somerset, England I433
32 Hanks, Amos  Apr 1863Bath, Somerset, England I111
33 Hanks, Ann  Jul 1869Bath, Somerset, England I74
34 Hanks, Arthur Edward  Oct 1885Bath, Somerset, England I423
35 Hanks, Bessie Catherine Annie  Oct 1893Bath, Somerset, England I418
36 Hanks, Bessie Doreen  16 Feb 1911Bath, Somerset, England I556
37 Hanks, Blanche Joyce  04 Nov 1918Bath, Somerset, England I559
38 Hanks, Doris Beatrice  07 Dec 1907Bath, Somerset, England I555
39 Hanks, Douglas  Jul 1909Bath, Somerset, England I431
40 Hanks, Frances Mary Rose  15 Aug 1908Bath, Somerset, England I557
41 Hanks, Frederick  Jan 1873Bath, Somerset, England I461
42 Hanks, Frederick John  Oct 1874Bath, Somerset, England I75
43 Hanks, Herbert Frank  Jul 1898Bath, Somerset, England I428
44 Hanks, Ivy Maud  07 Sep 1893Bath, Somerset, England I426
45 Hanks, John William  29 Apr 1861Bath, Somerset, England I99
46 Hanks, Laurence  17 Dec 1916Bath, Somerset, England I389
47 Hanks, Lewin Stanley  Apr 1890Bath, Somerset, England I425
48 Hanks, Lilian Mabel  12 Jun 1896Bath, Somerset, England I427
49 Hanks, Mervyn  24 May 1912Bath, Somerset, England I388
50 Hill, Albert Edgar  26 Jul 1891Bath, Somerset, England I561

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 -, Susanna  Mar 1896Bath, Somerset, England I400
2 Best, Emma  Oct 1912Bath, Somerset, England I470
3 Cass, Gilbert Lee  13 Aug 1948Bath, Somerset, England I831
4 Collings, Ellen Mary Ann  Apr 1895Bath, Somerset, England I781
5 Colmer, James Odery  Dec 1978Bath, Somerset, England I795
6 Cook, Rosalie Alice  Jun 1927Bath, Somerset, England I441
7 Cottle, Annie  Mar 1953Bath, Somerset, England I411
8 Cottle, Kathleen Alice  Dec 1985Bath, Somerset, England I412
9 Cottle, Louisa  Mar 1969Bath, Somerset, England I408
10 Cottle, Mary  Jan 1853Bath, Somerset, England I41
11 Cottle, Mary Jane  Dec 1972Bath, Somerset, England I432
12 Cottle, William  01 Feb 1934Bath, Somerset, England I413
13 Crowley, Catherine Agnes  May 1991Bath, Somerset, England I529
14 Davies, Catherine Henrietta  Oct 1908Bath, Somerset, England I792
15 Ellis, Hannah  10 Feb 1931Bath, Somerset, England I62
16 Ferrie, John Wallace  01 Dec 1950Bath, Somerset, England I797
17 Gulliford, Emma  Mar 1934Bath, Somerset, England I422
18 Hague, Charles Alfred  08 Mar 1940Bath, Somerset, England I785
19 Hague, Dorothy Ellen  02 Apr 1966Bath, Somerset, England I790
20 Hague, Edward Hollester  Oct 1849Bath, Somerset, England I800
21 Hague, Emily Louisa  04 May 1943Bath, Somerset, England I784
22 Hague, Harriet Louisa  Apr 1883Bath, Somerset, England I35
23 Hague, Henry Decimus  Jul 1855Bath, Somerset, England I806
24 Hague, Joshua  16 Nov 1883Bath, Somerset, England I21
25 Hague, Joyce Clara  Feb 1991Bath, Somerset, England I809
26 Hague, Nellie Constance  Jul 2003Bath, Somerset, England I808
27 Hanks, Ada Irene  Jun 1977Bath, Somerset, England I433
28 Hanks, Amos  15 Dec 1911Bath, Somerset, England I16
29 Hanks, Amos  Sep 1932Bath, Somerset, England I111
30 Hanks, Arthur Edward  Mar 1948Bath, Somerset, England I423
31 Hanks, Douglas  Mar 1967Bath, Somerset, England I431
32 Hanks, Frederick John  Sep 1966Bath, Somerset, England I75
33 Hanks, Hannah  10 Feb 1931Bath, Somerset, England I19
34 Hanks, Harriet  Jan 1891Bath, Somerset, England I4
35 Hanks, Harriet  03 Nov 1905Bath, Somerset, England I92
36 Hanks, Henry  Oct 1874Bath, Somerset, England I18
37 Hanks, Henry  Mar 1930Bath, Somerset, England I113
38 Hanks, Henry Amos  02 May 1932Bath, Somerset, England I70
39 Hanks, Herbert Frank  Apr 1906Bath, Somerset, England I428
40 Hanks, Hilda May  May 2002Bath, Somerset, England I528
41 Hanks, Ivy Maud  Mar 1980Bath, Somerset, England I426
42 Hanks, John  Apr 1874Bath, Somerset, England I103
43 Hanks, Laurence  Oct 1995Bath, Somerset, England I389
44 Hanks, Lilian Mabel  Mar 1980Bath, Somerset, England I427
45 Hanks, Mary Porter  12 Apr 1931Bath, Somerset, England I17
46 Hanks, Mervyn  25 Oct 1999Bath, Somerset, England I388
47 Hanks, William  Dec 1918Bath, Somerset, England I14
48 Harvey, Norah Kathleen Louise  20 Oct 1987Bath, Somerset, England I459
49 Hill, Albert Edgar  Mar 1953Bath, Somerset, England I561
50 Hill, Lewin Edgar S  Jun 1999Bath, Somerset, England I560

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Davies  Jul 1894Bath, Somerset, England F363
2 / Hague  Oct 1866Bath, Somerset, England F289
3 / Hague  Dec 1939Bath, Somerset, England F364
4 / Hanks  Jan 1915Bath, Somerset, England F235
5 / Hanks  Jun 1918Bath, Somerset, England F176
6 / Hanks  Dec 1919Bath, Somerset, England F236
7 / Hanks  Dec 1921Bath, Somerset, England F237
8 / Hanks  Mar 1956Bath, Somerset, England F179
9 Ball /   Dec 1919Bath, Somerset, England F228
10 Barber /   Mar 1956Bath, Somerset, England F174
11 Beck /   Jun 1918Bath, Somerset, England F183
12 Cass / Hague  Oct 1898Bath, Somerset, England F358
13 Colmer / Hague  Dec 1930Bath, Somerset, England F346
14 Cottle / Parsons  Apr 1878Bath, Somerset, England F149
15 Ferrie / Hague  Sep 1930Bath, Somerset, England F347
16 Galer / Cottle  19 May 1792Bath, Somerset, England F9
17 Hague /   Apr 1884Bath, Somerset, England F17
18 Hague /   Jul 1894Bath, Somerset, England F362
19 Hanks /   Jul 1857Bath, Somerset, England F36
20 Hanks /   Oct 1862Bath, Somerset, England F18
21 Hanks /   Mar 1933Bath, Somerset, England F177
22 Hanks / Crowley  Sep 1920Bath, Somerset, England F217
23 Hanks / Gulliford  Jan 1885Bath, Somerset, England F169
24 Hanks / Harvey  Sep 1935Bath, Somerset, England F144
25 Hanks / Manns  Apr 1881Bath, Somerset, England F168
26 Hanks / Minnett  Mar 1933Bath, Somerset, England F150
27 Hanks / Nowell  Jul 1905Bath, Somerset, England F216
28 Hill /   Mar 1948Bath, Somerset, England F225
29 Hill / Hanks  Jan 1915Bath, Somerset, England F202
30 Kelland / Hague  Sep 1917Bath, Somerset, England F344
31 Martin / Hanks  Mar 1919Bath, Somerset, England F193
32 Minnett / Phillips  Apr 1908Bath, Somerset, England F160
33 Nicks / Hanks  Oct 1892Bath, Somerset, England F158
34 Salmon / Hanks  Dec 1921Bath, Somerset, England F198
35 Salmon / Harding  Apr 1876Bath, Somerset, England F208
36 Sandercock / Hanks  Jul 1891Bath, Somerset, England F142
37 Saxty /   Jan 1863Bath, Somerset, England F368