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Bath, Somerset, England


Tree: Fale, Prescott family

Latitude: 51.3845283, Longitude: -2.3866048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Elizabeth Gertrude Emily  Jul 1893Bath, Somerset, England I228
2 Coles, Amelia  1852Bath, Somerset, England I181
3 Hill, Albert Victor  09 Dec 1904Bath, Somerset, England I81
4 Hill, Henry John  1902Bath, Somerset, England I168
5 Hill, Ivy Beatrice May  15 Apr 1906Bath, Somerset, England I75
6 Loach, Nellie  Abt 1900Bath, Somerset, England I134
7 Prescott, Clara Irene  Oct 1909Bath, Somerset, England I54
8 Prescott, Edward William Charles  31 May 1919Bath, Somerset, England I72
9 Prescott, Nellie Maude  16 Sep 1912Bath, Somerset, England I92
10 Prescott, Phyllis May  24 May 1907Bath, Somerset, England I9
11 Prescott, Violet  02 Aug 1911Bath, Somerset, England I27
12 Ridewood, Sydney  26 Mar 1891Bath, Somerset, England I80
13 Ridewood, Sydney Philip  22 Oct 1913Bath, Somerset, England I106
14 Ridewood, Victoria Olive May  04 Jul 1910Bath, Somerset, England I152
15 Scudamore, Kathleen Alice Florence  Sep 1878Bath, Somerset, England I207
16 Toomer, Annie  Abt 1883Bath, Somerset, England I201
17 Toomer, Emily  Abt 1889Bath, Somerset, England I156
18 Toomer, Florence Jane  Oct 1872Bath, Somerset, England I189
19 Toomer, Harriet  Jul 1875Bath, Somerset, England I103
20 Toomer, Henry  Abt 1871Bath, Somerset, England I179
21 Toomer, Henry Francis  Abt 1852Bath, Somerset, England I202
22 Toomer, William  Abt 1885Bath, Somerset, England I66
23 West, Charles Herbert G  1911Bath, Somerset, England I85
24 West, Edwin George  Oct 1872Bath, Somerset, England I192
25 Williams, Amelia Alexandra  Jan 1874Bath, Somerset, England I120
26 Williams, Amy Margery  1898Bath, Somerset, England I161
27 Williams, Eliza  Abt 1863Bath, Somerset, England I10
28 Williams, Emily Melvina  Dec 1887Bath, Somerset, England I113
29 Williams, Ernest John  Sep 1890Bath, Somerset, England I112
30 Williams, George Victor  1879Bath, Somerset, England I115
31 Williams, Mabel Alice  Dec 1883Bath, Somerset, England I136
32 Williams, Peter James  Mar 1850Bath, Somerset, England I116
33 Wotton, Alice May  18 May 1895Bath, Somerset, England I36
34 Wotton, Beatrice Mary  Apr 1892Bath, Somerset, England I11
35 Wotton, Charles Leonard  Jul 1899Bath, Somerset, England I18
36 Wotton, Ernest Henry  23 Sep 1890Bath, Somerset, England I14
37 Wotton, Ethel May  31 May 1896Bath, Somerset, England I15
38 Wotton, Herbert John  Abt 1900Bath, Somerset, England I17


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Holley), Ruth  Apr 1890Bath, Somerset, England I200
2 Abery, Selina  Sep 1950Bath, Somerset, England I196
3 Bailey, Frances Annie  1963Bath, Somerset, England I146
4 Ball, Charlotte Matilda  Dec 1928Bath, Somerset, England I90
5 Bush, Elizabeth Gertrude Emily  Mar 1978Bath, Somerset, England I228
6 Bush, James Henry  Dec 1994Bath, Somerset, England I138
7 Bush, Violet  Jun 1997Bath, Somerset, England I213
8 Coles, Amelia  Jun 1924Bath, Somerset, England I181
9 Gilders, Celia  27 May 1944Bath, Somerset, England I8
10 Hill, Ivy Beatrice May  1974Bath, Somerset, England I75
11 Howell, Clara  Mar 1968Bath, Somerset, England I93
12 Howell, Joseph Arthur  09 Dec 1950Bath, Somerset, England I222
13 Howell, Stephen  Jun 1917Bath, Somerset, England I148
14 Huish, Mary Ann  Apr 1896Bath, Somerset, England I167
15 Luke, Ethel Jane  28 Jun 1963Bath, Somerset, England I39
16 Maslen, Bertie  Mar 1968Bath, Somerset, England I158
17 Prescott, Addelaide  Sep 1985Bath, Somerset, England I68
18 Prescott, Clara Irene  Sep 1932Bath, Somerset, England I54
19 Prescott, Doris Evelyn  Jun 1976Bath, Somerset, England I178
20 Prescott, Florence Emily  10 Oct 1991Bath, Somerset, England I162
21 Prescott, Frederick Alfred  Mar 1953Bath, Somerset, England I127
22 Prescott, Hannah  Jul 1884Bath, Somerset, England I141
23 Prescott, Henry Charles  27 Jun 1953Bath, Somerset, England I142
24 Prescott, Henry James  Dec 1928Bath, Somerset, England I78
25 Prescott, Henry James  12 Jan 1962Bath, Somerset, England I21
26 Prescott, Herbert William  Jun 1959Bath, Somerset, England I187
27 Prescott, Hilda May  Dec 1974Bath, Somerset, England I220
28 Prescott, Mary Ann  Jul 1884Bath, Somerset, England I151
29 Prescott, Nellie Maude  Apr 1985Bath, Somerset, England I92
30 Prescott, Stanley Alfred  Jun 1956Bath, Somerset, England I166
31 Prescott, Sydney Alfred  Sep 1953Bath, Somerset, England I212
32 Prescott, Thomas  Apr 1882Bath, Somerset, England I140
33 Prescott, Thomas  Jun 1922Bath, Somerset, England I64
34 Prescott, Thomas Francis Aubrey  Aug 2003Bath, Somerset, England I190
35 Prescott, Violet  Sep 1988Bath, Somerset, England I27
36 Prescott, William George  29 Mar 1889Bath, Somerset, England I150
37 Prescott, William Thomas  Mar 1959Bath, Somerset, England I129
38 Prescott, Winifred Mabel  Mar 1978Bath, Somerset, England I119
39 Ridewood, Sydney  26 Nov 1917Bath, Somerset, England I80
40 Robbins, Jane  Jun 1958Bath, Somerset, England I42
41 Scudamore, Kathleen Alice Florence  Dec 1947Bath, Somerset, England I207
42 Toomer, Florence Jane  Sep 1946Bath, Somerset, England I189
43 West, Bertha Emma R  1993Bath, Somerset, England I86
44 West, Charles Herbert G  1999Bath, Somerset, England I85
45 West, Edwin George  12 Dec 1943Bath, Somerset, England I192
46 West, Rose Edith M  Jan 1993Bath, Somerset, England I153
47 West, William Arthur Edwin  Mar 1978Bath, Somerset, England I98
48 Williams, Amelia Alexandra  05 Aug 1959Bath, Somerset, England I120
49 Williams, Amy Margery  Mar 1967Bath, Somerset, England I161
50 Williams, Eliza  26 Apr 1942Bath, Somerset, England I10

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / (Holley)  Oct 1842Bath, Somerset, England F52
2 / Abery  Oct 1908Bath, Somerset, England F58
3 / Prescott  Dec 1927Bath, Somerset, England F16
4 / Prescott  Sep 1933Bath, Somerset, England F53
5 Bush / Prescott  Jun 1934Bath, Somerset, England F32
6 Fale / Chapman  Dec 1963Bath, Somerset, England F15
7 Fale / Prescott  Dec 1927Bath, Somerset, England F2
8 Fale / Wotton  24 Apr 1920Bath, Somerset, England F1
9 Hill / Swatton  1902Bath, Somerset, England F48
10 Maslen / Prescott  Sep 1933Bath, Somerset, England F36
11 Prescott /   Jul 1871Bath, Somerset, England F54
12 Prescott /   Jul 1899Bath, Somerset, England F56
13 Prescott /   Oct 1908Bath, Somerset, England F57
14 Prescott / Howell  Oct 1898Bath, Somerset, England F34
15 Prescott / Huish  26 Sep 1842Bath, Somerset, England F33
16 Prescott / Loach  Mar 1921Bath, Somerset, England F47
17 Prescott / Robbins  Jul 1906Bath, Somerset, England F5
18 Prescott / Toomer  Jul 1890Bath, Somerset, England F30
19 Prescott / West  Dec 1926Bath, Somerset, England F40
20 Prescott / Williams  Jul 1899Bath, Somerset, England F29
21 Ridewood / Prescott  Dec 1936Bath, Somerset, England F25
22 Ridewood / Scudamore  1910Bath, Somerset, England F21
23 Williams / Coles  1873Bath, Somerset, England F27
24 Wolfe /   Oct 1842Bath, Somerset, England F55
25 Wotton / Williams  Apr 1886Bath, Somerset, England F4