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Bath, Somerset, England


Tree: Allen, Bennet, Maude families

Latitude: 51.3758010, Longitude: -2.3599039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Fanny Mary  15 Jul 1850Bath, Somerset, England I35
2 Allen, George  06 Sep 1725Bath, Somerset, England I6
3 Allen, George Edward  21 May 1742Bath, Somerset, England I46
4 Allen, Gertrude Ethel  Jan 1869Bath, Somerset, England I48
5 Allen, Henry  24 Dec 1851Bath, Somerset, England I79
6 Allen, Mary Lady Maude  23 Jan 1732Bath, Somerset, England I65
7 Allen, Ralph II  14 Jun 1734Bath, Somerset, England I248
8 Bushe, Gervase Parker  Abt 1779Bath, Somerset, England I785
9 Chapman, Anne  Abt 1671Bath, Somerset, England I128
10 Chapman, Henry  1610Bath, Somerset, England I131
11 Chapman, Robert  02 Apr 1669Bath, Somerset, England I134
12 Chapman, Scarborough  1643Bath, Somerset, England I130
13 Cunninghame, Emily Eleanor Gun  Abt 1851Bath, Somerset, England I1099
14 East, Edward Hinton  01 Nov 1826Bath, Somerset, England I508
15 Holder, Elizabeth  Abt 1698Bath, Somerset, England I2
16 Holder, Richard  Abt 1670Bath, Somerset, England I233
17 Holder, Richard  Abt 1680Bath, Somerset, England I232
18 Louise, Margaret  Abt 1852Bath, Somerset, England I1346
19 Maude, Capt The Hon Francis  17 Nov 1798Bath, Somerset, England I176
20 Maude, Sir Cornwallis 3rd Viscount Hawarden, 3rd Baron de Montalt, 5th Baronet Maude  28 Mar 1780Bath, Somerset, England I174
21 Maude, The Hon Mary Ann Viscountess Lifford  1786Bath, Somerset, England I179
22 Smith, Rev Martin Stafford  Abt 1753Bath, Somerset, England I326
23 Stafford Smith, Martin  Abt 1744Bath, Somerset, England I641
24 Warburton, Ralph Allen  1756Bath, Somerset, England I328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elizabeth  Abt 1731Bath, Somerset, England I9
2 Allen, George  09 Dec 1725Bath, Somerset, England I6
3 Allen, Maria Janetta  14 Jun 1866Bath, Somerset, England I63
4 Allen, Matilda Dorothea  19 Sep 1839Bath, Somerset, England I69
5 Allen, Philip I  Abt 1728Bath, Somerset, England I4
6 Allen, Philip II  17 Oct 1765Bath, Somerset, England I8
7 Allen, Ralph II  30 Aug 1777Bath, Somerset, England I248
8 Bennett, Jane  14 Apr 1767Bath, Somerset, England I47
9 Buckeridge, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1736Bath, Somerset, England I5
10 Chapman, Henry  1690Bath, Somerset, England I131
11 Chapman, Robert  21 Dec 1672Bath, Somerset, England I134
12 Chapman, Scarborough  1706Bath, Somerset, England I130
13 Darroch, Malcolm Stuart  20 Jun 1960Bath, Somerset, England I806
14 Fisher, Anne  1658Bath, Somerset, England I133
15 Hewitt, The Hon Edward  04 Sep 1931Bath, Somerset, England I746
16 Holder, Elizabeth  Abt 1766Bath, Somerset, England I2
17 Holder, Richard  Abt 1755Bath, Somerset, England I232
18 Holder, Richard  Abt 1758Bath, Somerset, England I233
19 Marriott, Charlotte  16 Dec 1823Bath, Somerset, England I476
20 Marriott, Hester  27 Sep 1808Bath, Somerset, England I470
21 Marriott, Sarah  12 Apr 1820Bath, Somerset, England I471
22 Plaisted, Mary Elizabeth  1839Bath, Somerset, England I335
23 Smith, Rev Martin Stafford  Abt 1834Bath, Somerset, England I326
24 Swanton, Susanna  30 Apr 1672Bath, Somerset, England I129
25 Tucker, Gertrude  Aug 1796Bath, Somerset, England I32
26 Warburton, Ralph Allen  28 Jul 1775Bath, Somerset, England I328
27 Weir, Elspeth Marjory Jessie  Dec 1988Bath, Somerset, England I297


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allen, Ralph  Bath, Somerset, England I1
2 Swanton, Susanna  Bath, Somerset, England I129


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chapman / Swanton  28 Oct 1668Bath, Somerset, England F26
2 Rowe / Allen  17 Sep 1730Bath, Somerset, England F85